WWE Hell in a Cell 2016 Results: Charlotte Flair vs. Sasha Banks Video Highlights

For the first time ever the Women’s Championship will be defended inside Hell in a Cell, who came out the historic winner?

Going back to NXT, Charlotte Flair and Sasha Banks have always had tension, whether it was turmoil in their old group the BFFs (Beautiful, Fierce, Females) or going after the NXT title, each women wanted to show they were the better competitor. Thanks to the WWE Draft this rivalry has been allowed to continue, as they now battle over the WWE Women’s Championship, passing the title back and forth over the past few months before Hell in a Cell.

Now that Sasha is the champion, she decided to up the ante by challenging Charlotte not only to another match, but have it inside one of WWE’s most destructive matches: Hell in a Cell. This will be the first time two women have entered the cell (another “first” for the Women’s Division) and it’s surely going to blow the roof off of the TD Garden in Boston, MA. Going into Sunday, it was still a mystery if the match was going to main event, but WWE finally decided to give it the nod and these two did indeed close out the show. Let’s not waste anymore time and find out who was able to survive the cell to call themselves champion!

Like a Queen, Charlotte sat on her throne as she was carried to the ring, while Sasha rolled out to the ramp in style (and in an Escalade). The cell began to lower once both wrestlers were in the ring, Charlotte with a cheap shot and sent Sasha to the outside as they brawled in the crowd!

Charlotte attempts to put Sasha through a table, both women climb up the cell, Charlotte gets knocked off, recovers and ends up powerbombing Sasha through a table!

EMTs came out with a stretch and began to take Sasha to the back as JoJo announced a forfeit, Sasha jumped up and fought her way back into the cell and the match is on!

Both wrestlers went to war using the cage a number of times, with Sasha pulling off a suicide dive on Charlotte.

A chair was brought into the ring, Charlotte’s face met it a few times first, then Sasha had a back breaker done over it. The action spills outside of the ring where Sasha uses the cell as a weapon against Charlotte.

As things got more intense, tables then came into play with Charlotte tossing Sasha on one over and over before landing Natural Selection for the 1-2-3.

The initial stretch angle slowed things way down in the beginning of the match, but once Sasha got up, the match was a back and forth war between these two. Plenty of amazing spots from both wrestlers, the tables didn’t quite cooperate a few times both breaking and not breaking. The ending was pretty abrupt (some might even say anticlimactic) with Charlotte getting the surprise win. Seems like Sasha should have picked up the hometown win, but maybe WWE just wants these two to fight forever.

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