WWE Global Domination Part II: Triple H All but Confirms Our Fears

We hate it when people play games with us. But now it is time to play the WWE Game, with the Game himself.

Paul Levesque, aka Triple H, is an Executive Vice President of WWE, and Vince McMahon’s Son in Law. The latter alone helps show that he is on the inside of info of WWE to the utmost, let alone the former strengthening it even more. Therefore, if anyone would know the true intentions, it would be him. It’s why I took great joy in seeing Levesque “verbal judo” a question recently by PWInsider. Verbal Judo is a slang for a carefully, hand-crafted response if you will that was precise and politically sound. Consequently, if you watch politicians closely, you will see it constantly. If you ever wondered what Levesque would be like as a politician like his Mother-in-Law who is entering the Trump Administration, this would be the best example to see.

Recently during a telephone conference with the press, Mike Johnson, a long time wrestling reporter who works for PWInsider, questioned Levesque on the recent UK Tournament and the fact that the stars in it are now having to pull out of many scheduled events that they had in the United Kingdom for wrestling companies there. He felt it unjust for them to do that. Here are a few snippets from Levesque’s political verbal judo for you.

PWInsider reported Levesque’s response:

“The talent knew going in what the deal was. They knew what the restrictions were and they knew what the restrictions weren’t. We’re not restricting them from working for anybody as long as it’s not distributed. As long as there is no distribution outside of the live event.”

Great to hear if you’re one of the new UK wrestlers brought into the company eh? The Boss just took the target off him and on to you. And they’re only restricting from companies with distribution, ie a TV deal, or a live stream online, or on a system or network such as Roku, Netflix, or even FloSlam, which is the company that just signed the World Wrestling Network, the group of Indy companies that are arranged as a feeder program for the WWE for grabbing US indie talent who will then be brought into NXT and molded into their liking. So as long as they are not an established company, the wrestlers can perform.

Anybody that is thinking “well this is fair, WWE can’t have wrestlers in rival companies”, need I remind you that WWE is the outsiders here coming into the UK, which belongs to the likes of Progress Wrestling, ICW, & Revolution Pro. Also, WWE does not have a UK brand yet and minus Tyler Bate who just won the new UK Title, WWE most likely will not be using these wrestlers until the brand is up and running. Together with that, these wrestlers will be losing a lot of valuable income while waiting for the brand to stand up as they cannot perform.

“Some of these promotions tried to come in after the fact and add a distribution component to that.. It was added coming off of the success of what we did or what they were working on…. It’s on the promoters side who just kind of changed things and do things however they want to do things. You can call them promotions but there are a lot of people that do one-off shows over there. There is a big difference.”

He is literally insulting the British promoters outright, not even verbal judo. He is the Conglomerate executive of a company in the US. Rather than own up to some intent, he just decides to insult UK promoters. And that goes very far when you are trying to create a brand in a new territory.

“All of this is strategic and you are going to see a lot of announcements here in a short period of time. Where I think all of the questions you are having now and the fears people are having will go away. People are going to go, “Oh, it’s very clear what they are doing now.” It’s just strategic. You can’t come out right and say those things.”

That right there, is the best part. This is strategic, a lot of announcements coming, it’ll be very clear, it’s just strategic. Now he is speaking like a White House Press Secretary. Moreover, you would think that Dana Perino or Josh Earnest trained Levesque themselves.

Yes, it is very clear what you are doing Mr. Levesque. You are taking over the entire wrestling world, do not even try. You were to answer a question you did not want and you tried to go around it, pitifully I might add. What did you do in the entire speech? You tried to take sight off you and put onto others for scrutiny.

Insulting your new talent and threw them under the bus. Moreover, you spoke horribly about the promoters of UK wrestling companies, promoters you claim you want to work with. And you outright say that it is strategic for the company and more announcements are coming… Blame new employees, insult promoters, say it is good for the company, Congratulations Mr. Levesque. Taking no responsibility of what we see and throw on others, you have officially become a McMahon. There was Vincent J.- Vince Sr., Vincent K.- Vince Jr, and now Vincent H McMahon- H for your wrestling name.

Do not take us for fools. We know the intentions and are reporting it. We know what your strategy is. Your Father in law went to war with the US wrestling territories in the 80s. He defeated the mainstream in the 90s to 2001. As a result, WWE is the only Mega Power in the US & Canada. And now, the next target is the world itself, with UK wrestling as the first target. We have not been to war with the United Kingdom since the War of 1812, 205 years ago…. Weirdly the same number as WWE’s newest brand “205 Live”. And somehow after 205 years of peace with the UK, you and the McMahons see fit to go to war with them yourselves. But instead of the Stars & Stripes in the air, it will be the Black Flag with the White W’s flying for you against the Union Jack.

Well, time to play the game.

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