WWE Elimination Chamber 2017 Results: Takeaways from the Women’s Matches

WWE Elimination Chamber featured three women’s matches on the show, we saw one match end in a double count-out and we also got a new Smackdown Women’s Champion, where to next?

It needs to be said that all six women performed extremely well at WWE’s Elimination Chamber PPV, all three matches had their moments and certainly built towards Wrestlemania. This is Smackdown Live’s last Pay Per View event before the biggest show of the year, and these matches certainly counted.

In our first match, which also happened to open the show Becky Lynch took on Mickie James. This was a really fun opening match, lots of good small spots and clear in-ring chemistry between the pair. This feud has not been going on very long and it does not feel over yet. These two have a lot more left in the tank, and if anything this match showed that. Mickie James back on PPV is amazing, and despite a loss to Lynch, it was a roll up victory. Whether this feud lasts to Wrestlemania remains to be seen, but these two are very likely to keep feuding.

The longest of the three matches was Natalya vs. Nikki Bella, including a really well put together video package. This feud has gotten Natalya to really step up, her mic work has improved a lot and she has finally nailed her heel persona. Nikki was the right person for her to go up against, and they have definitely made this a heated rivalry. The match itself was really well done, with Nikki trying to out do Natalya and Natalya gloating and showing off.

With a double count out ending, and things being intense between the two it is clear this feud is not over. After the match was over, the fighting continued backstage and it spilled over to include Maryse getting knocked over and covered with powder. It’s possible that John Cena could team with his partner Nikki Bella at Wrestlemania, against The Miz and Maryse. Having Maryse getting into the fallout is making this seem a lot more likely. As well as Natalya adding in a lot of knocks to Cena, especially in this match. However it may very well be Natalya teaming with The Miz, we won’t know just yet. They did a great job tonight and we can expect a lot more from these two.

The third and final match saw Alexa Bliss defend her title against Naomi, who holds several tag team victories over the champion. As noted, it seemed like the time was coming for Naomi to finally capture the gold. This match looked like it would be a big stepping stone for her, but a win to capture the title at this event didn’t seem likely. Boy were we proven wrong, the Glow was felt tonight and after a really good match, Naomi defeated the Champion! While her split-legged moonsault hit well, Alexa was in a bad spot so it didn’t come off as well as it should have.

It was great to see the crowd cheer for Naomi and give her the “You deserve it chant”, she really does and I am glad to see her make it to the top of the division. Where do things go from here for these women? Nikki and Natalya will likely have this feud until Wrestlemania, the other four women I could see potentially having a big Fatal Four Way Match at Wrestlemania for the title. I am not sure if we will see two separate matches for them at the big event, but we may see rematches on upcoming Smackdown Live episodes.

Without a doubt, Smackdown is booking it’s Women’s Division extremely well, and we still have Carmella to deal with. She wasn’t absent from this event, she was sitting in the box seats with James Ellsworth. Could she factor into one of these feuds? I actually hope so, she is developing really well. The future looks glowingly bright for these women, and it proves that Raw needs to pick up its game with their division.

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