WWE Elimination Chamber 2017 Results: Tag Team Turmoil Proves the Revival’s Call-Up is Needed

The Revival’s call-up is needed after the SmackDown Tag Team Division continued its mediocrity at WWE Elimination Chamber.

The call to bring up the Revival from WWE NXT has been consistent from fans, especially for the SmackDown Tag Team Division. This has seen American Alpha dominate, while teams like the Vaudevillains, Breezango, the Ascension, and the Usos have floundered. It hasn’t helped that the Hype Bros and the Wyatt Family are out of the mix too. This became even more apparent at Elimination Chamber after the Tag Team Turmoil match for the SmackDown Tag Team Championship.

Following American Alpha’s win, it looks like they’re headed toward a feud with the Usos after the latter’s attack on Chad Gable and Jason Jordan. However, we just saw this happen five months ago when the brand split first started. Do we need to see the second part of this, even with a title on the line?

The Usos haven’t played a significant role in the tag team division in months, leading to them almost being forgotten about. Injuries came into play as well, but that didn’t help their case. So should fans care about them trying to deter Gable and Jordan from continuing as champions?

A much-needed injection of life into the SmackDown Tag Team Division would be calling up the Revival. Inserting them into the tag title hunt could work, even if you want to have them and the Usos go for the belts. It’s a fresh face for a group of teams that fans haven’t had much reason to care about — even American Alpha with the lack of response they get from crowds (including Elimination Chamber).

A three-way tag team championship match could then take place at WrestleMania, letting these three teams go to work. Following this, the Alpha and Revival can go head-to-head for a month or two on SmackDown pay-per-views for the belts. It can add something to a division that has a whole lot of nothing right now, which could begin the tag team renaissance that some may be looking for.

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