WWE Elimination Chamber 2017 results: Randy Orton vs Luke Harper video highlights

WWE Elimination Chamber 2017 results and highlights from the match pitting Randy Orton against Luke Harper

Randy Orton joining the Wyatt Family was always destined to blow up in some capacity. That began when the bond between he and Luke Harper began to dissipate. As the disintegration progressed, Harper seemed more and more volatile. Ultimately, there was no stopping a full-on collision between the two. And as a result, the two were pitted against one another at WWE Elimination Chamber 2017.

Though the two tried to trade blows to begin with, it was the angry and sadistic Harper that got the upper hand early. With big clubbing blows, some offense on the outside using an announce table, and even a nasty dropkick to stop an Orton counter gave him the advantage.

When Harper tried to go to the top rope, though, things turned sour. The Royal Rumble match winner popped up and was able to throw his big opponent off balance before hitting him hard and sending him to the floor with a massive thud. Luke Harper eventually climbed back into the ring, but that simply unleashed the fury within Orton. After beating his foe back down, he sent him to the outside and then with a crash onto the announce table.

A cocky Orton wasn’t overly concerned with his former Wyatt brother, though, which turned out to be a massive error. After being taunted and put in a rest hold, Harper was able to fight out and get ahead of Orton. He fought through the hold to throw The Viper to the outside, countered the famed hanging DDT, and then hit a huge Senton Atomico before landing a Big Boot for a near fall.

Harper remained in control, though the veteran Rumble winner tried to fight back. The bearded one was ready for every counter, however, and then parlayed that into a huge dive to the outside before then returning the favor and sending Orton into the announce table. Of course, the advantage wouldn’t last long enough at all for Harper’s liking.

Back in the ring, Harper came charging at his opponent, but Orton caught him with his patented Powerslam that left the former reeling. Following that, the action went up high as Orton was able to show a massive burst of power and send Harper crashing with a huge Superplex. That led to a big Full-Nelson Slam, but even that wasn’t enough to put him away. Neither was a failed RKO attempt or even the famed Hanging DDT that landed this time around.

After the DDT, Orton coiled up and prepared to land the RKO this time around. When he went for it, though, Harper came to life with a wicked Superkick right to Orton’s jaw. For good measure, he followed up with another, but it wasn’t enough for the three-count.

On their feet once again, these two tired men looked to try and end it. Harper went for a powerbomb, but was almost countered into an RKO, though Orton got a kick in. However, that didn’t last long as Harper hit yet another Superkick that stunned his opponent. That led to him then hitting a massive Sit-Out Powerbomb, but only for a two-count.

Drained of all energy, the two men exchanged blows from their knees up to their feet and it seemed as if Harper was ready to strike gold and get the win. However, Orton played it smart as he blocked the Discuss Lariat with his forearms and then landed the RKO for the win.


Orton now goes on to face the winner of the Chamber match at WWE Elimination Chamber in the main event of WrestleMania 33. However, he has to be feeling good about himself after stopping Harper from having a once-in-a-lifetime performance in Phoenix. Even still, those two put on one hell of a show.

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