WWE Elimination Chamber 2017: Is This Naomi’s Time for a Title Reign?

Feel the glow as Naomi feuds with Smackdown Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss, could her time finally be here to capture the title?

There is no doubt that Smackdown Live has been doing a great job of building the Women’s Division, currently we have three separate feuds going. Natalya and Nikki Bella have their program, Becky Lynch and Mickie James have started theirs, Naomi and Alexa Bliss are also at odds now. With Naomi gaining two victories over the Smackdown Women’s Champion in a matter of days in tag matches.

This leads me to believe that moving forward and possibly to Wrestlemania, these two will be battling it out over the title. It makes sense with Naomi having those victories over the champion, and it has been confirmed Alexa will defend the title against Naomi at the Elimination Chamber event in less than two weeks. The chase for the title will start, and this should definitely come down to a big match at Wrestlemania between the two.

These two have proved in a short amount of time they do gel in the ring, and one on one matches will be highly entertaining. Naomi has become her own character again and reinvented herself, ‘Feel The Glow’ has been working extremely well. She has successfully managed to become a face again, she has a great and fun entrance and her move set is the best she’s had. Alexa Bliss has transitioned well since making to the main roster, and she has improved leaps and bounds and deserves to the the Smackdown Women’s Champion.

The classic heel vs. face will work for their feud, and the crowd is already getting behind Naomi. Alexa’s heel persona works extremely well, and the chemistry between them is there. Naomi chasing the title until Wrestlemania will tell an intriguing story, it is always satisfying and intense to see the face going after the title and it finally paying off. Alexa should play dirty in their one on one match and cost Naomi the victory, setting up the big rematch. A title win at Wrestlemania for Naomi would be so rewarding, she is a hard worker and has been trying her best to get into the title picture.

It would be fantastic to see her time to shine and hold that title, I do think Alexa is the perfect feud for her right now. There is a lot that can be done between the two, and so far the booking has been spot on. We know Naomi has what it takes to have good matches, she has always stepped up when she has needed to. The heel turn she had wasn’t easy for her, but she nailed it and it was very entertaining. Her new character works, it suits her and it is a lot of fun and energizing. She will make a fun Smackdown Women’s Champion, and this is the opportunity she (and her fans) have been waiting for.

Creative have done a great job with the division so far, and this seems like the best next step. Naomi really deserves this spot, and the storytelling needs to be good for her chase to engage us. We can only hope they do the right thing and run with this, it’s already very exciting and I am personally eager to see where things lead next. Naomi for Smackdown Women’s Champion, feel the glow!

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