WWE Elimination Chamber 2017: 3 Reasons Bray Wyatt Should Win

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3 reasons why Bray Wyatt should walk out Elimination Chamber as WWE Champion.

The 2017 Royal Rumble, for lack of a better term, left a lot to be desired.  Although the show itself had some great moments, the results were not exactly what many wrestling fans were hoping for.  From John Cena winning a world title for the 16th time, to the lack of surprise entrances in the Rumble match, to the eventual winner being Randy Orton, the finish had most people thinking, “Is this 2008?”

The good news is that Wrestlemania is still over 2 months away.  That’s plenty of time for WWE Creative to do their jobs, and by that, it means to actually be creative.  There just can’t be a Randy Orton/John Cena WWE title match at this year’s biggest event.  Since April of 2007 Cena and Orton have wrestled each other in some shape or form on pay per view for a world title 21 times.  They’ve also done 1 on 1 battle for world title gold on the company’s two biggest events, specifically Wrestlemania 24 and the 2007 SummerSlam.  Yeah, we’ve seen it.

Enter The Elimination Chamber and with it the WWE’s chance to get things right.  Cena will put the title on the line inside this vicious structure on February 12th against AJ Styles, Baron Corbin, The Miz, Dean Ambrose, and the man that should win his first world title that night, Bray Wyatt.

And why should Bray be victorious in Phoenix on the 12th?

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3. It’s a Perfect Narrative

When Bray Wyatt and Randy Orton first crossed paths in August of last year, their feud had the potential to be huge.  The Viper versus The Eater of Worlds was the type of rivalry that had the makings of a savagely dark tale.  Over the years Orton has made it clear that there are no limits to the pursuit of his prey and Wyatt, although only a member of the main roster for over 3 years, has laid waste to numerous detractors in his path.  Although not always successful in these feuds, he always left an imprint.

So when their relationship switched from enemy to partner just after a couple of months, most fans were skeptical of the move.  But whatever reservations were there quickly evaporated when the two seemed to get along swimmingly which then led to Free Bird like tag team title reign along with fellow Wyatt Family member Luke Harper.  But after Harper started to resent The Viper, a feeling that cost them the tag titles, Wyatt seemed ready to stand alone with Orton.

And here we are.  A Wyatt win would set up a world title match at Wrestlemania with Orton, who’s Royal Rumble victory affords him the right.  Orton, at 36 years old seems rejuvenated in his allegiance to Wyatt.  Would he dare defy his new found leader and battle him for the title?  Or has Orton been playing a game all along with Bray?  There are so many different directions the WWE could go with this but with how good the Wyatt/Orton connection seems to be, it would undoubtedly be must-see television.

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2. The Future Possibilities Are Endless

As briefly mentioned in the previous slide, Bray Wyatt has a way of taking a feud that he’s in and driving the intensity to places not often seen.  Look no further than his programs with Dean Ambrose, Chris Jericho, and John Cena.  Heck, he made a feud with The New Day look extreme.  But if you want to really see what Wyatt is capable, go on the WWE Network and recap his strife with Daniel Bryan in 2013-2014.  By far the most compelling story in the WWE at that time, Wyatt and Bryan captivated fans in every city they showed up in and their blowoff match at the 2014 Royal Rumble was not only one of the best of the year, it proved that Wyatt had the in-ring goods.

If Bray walks out of The Chamber as champion, his potential future opponents are mouth-watering for wrestling fans.  Outside of the aforementioned Orton, how about a program with the criminally underrated and misused Luke Harper?  A Wyatt-Baron Corbin pairing would be, putting it mildly, insane.  And of course, there’s always AJ Styles.  You know him?  He’s only the best wrestler in the world and the guy who should still be wearing the title.  Talk about potential chemistry.  Wow.

A Wyatt victory on February 12th would bring a new face to world title scene.  And whether Wyatt would re-assemble another clan or brave it alone, he’s the type of talent that could carry a brand for a very long time.  Not that Smackdown needs the help at this point, but it would clearly solidify the blue brand as not only the superior show, but the one that’s not afraid to be different.

Bray Wyatt


1. Quite Frankly… He Deserves It

Unless your name is John Cena or Roman Reigns, nothing is ever handed to you in the world of professional wrestling.  Yes it’s true that Wyatt, the son of WWE legend Mike Rotunda was able to get his start  in the WWE based on his name.  But since debuting in WWE’s former developmental territory, Florida Championship Wrestling in April of 2009, Wyatt has done something that is so difficult in the wrestling world.  He took a gimmick that was going no where as Husky Harris, and transformed himself into “The New Face of Fear”.  That alone isn’t what’s impressive.

What is impressive has been Wyatt’s utter commitment to the gimmick.  For the past four-and-a-half years he’s played the part brilliantly, distancing himself as the best talker in the whole company and establishing himself as a captivating, moving figure.

Wyatt’s time should be now.  Heck, his time should’ve come ages ago but for some reason his booking has been shoddy at best and downright awful at worst.  To watch “The Man of 1,000 Truths” always come up on the wrong end of most feuds he’s in is maddening.  It’s time for the WWE to dig their heels and commit to Wyatt as one of the top guys.  At this point, there’s really nothing to lose.  With the prospect of another John Cena Wrestlemania run in the cards, Wyatt taking over that role would not only be a breath of fresh air but could also save what ever fans the company continues to lose over their obsession with Super Cena.

Wrestlemania 33 could potentially be the night Bray Wyatt finally breaks through as the massive star he projects to be.  The Elimination Chamber is where it should all begin.

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