WWE fan creates beautiful tribute to Dean Ambrose’s house plant Mitch

The WWE Universe is mourning the loss of blossoming star after he was cruelly scattered across the floor during the final episode of Dean Ambrose’s talk show, Ambrose Asylum.

On what was an especially weird edition of Raw Monday – at one point R-Truth came to the ring with a literal selfie stick fashioned from part of a tree and Goldust spent a considerable amount of time gyrating – Stephanie McMahon canceled Ambrose’s weekly segment and invited Chris Jericho to the ring, who brawled with Ambrose to continue their feud. 

Jericho attacked Ambrose with his own set prop, a house plant that Ambrose affectionately named "Mitch." 

Following the shocking ending to the show, YouTuber Jack Leo made the touching tribute Mitch deserves.