WWE show fades to black in the middle of epic argument between Daniel Bryan and The Miz


The Miz retained his Intercontinental Championship Sunday night at TLC by beating Dolph Ziggler in a fantastic ladder match, and afterward he crashed Talking Smack to pick a fight with SmackDown GM Daniel Bryan.

The Miz and Bryan delivered the most explosive promo of the year back in August, and the sequel occurred out of nowhere on Sunday. After criticizing Bryan's ability as a general manager, The Miz suggested that the only reason Bryan got the GM job was to get cheap pops from fans, while Bryan claimed that he's pushed The Miz to be a better performer and less of a “lazy hack.”

“I’ll tell you what, Daniel, maybe I should give you a participation award for being the general manager. Because that’s all you do. You participate, you sit there and go ‘oh well, I’m not doing that good of a job, I don’t really know what I’m doing… Maybe you should figure out what you’re doing.”

Bryan retorted by bringing up the fact that many of The Miz's victories have been enabled by interference from Maryse, but while The Miz was pointing out that Maryse was merely a spectator Sunday night, the show unexpectedly cut to black and cut off the argument.