WWE Cruiserweight title belt revealed by Triple H, champion crowned (Video)

On Wednesday night, the WWE Cruiserweight title belt was officially revealed by Triple H.

The WWE Cruiserweight title has its official owner. On Wednesday night, head honcho Triple H officially revealed what that championship belt will look like. It’s color-coded in keeping with the theme of the other recently unveiled belts such as the new WWE Universal Championship and the Smackdown Live women’s and tag team titles.

The Cruiserweight Classic started back in June and featured a 32-man tournament. Matches were held in late June and have extended into mid-September. The championship match came down to Gran Metalik and T.J. Perkins. Others who competed in the field included former WWE stars Brian Kendrick and Yoshihiro Tajiri.

The other prize, along with the actual purple Cruiserweight belt, will be the fact the winner goes to the WWE Raw show. It’s unknown at this point if they will be defending the belt against current roster members or if others from the tournament will also be added to the roster, though a mix of both seems likely.

There had been some initial outrage by some fans over the way the WWE Universal Championship looked. However, it seemed fans were in favor of the belt that Hunter presented on Wednesday night in the ring as he stood between the two final competitors.

Perkins and Metalik would go on to compete in a stellar bout to close out the tournament. Ultimately it was only one man left standing as the new Cruiserweight Champion:

With that submission move, T.J. Perkins has become the new WWE Cruiserweight Champion. He’ll be heading to Raw on Monday night as the new champ. Will he get any challengers coming at him during his first appearance? It’s going to be an interesting event for sure.

WWE fans, what do you think of the way the new Cruiserweight belt looks and about the new champion?

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