WWE Cruiserweight Classic 2016 Finals Results: Gran Metalik vs. TJ Perkins Video Highlights

A look at the finals matchup of Gran Metalik vs. TJ Perkins in the inaugural WWE Cruiserweight Classic.

On Wednesday night, the finale of the inaugural WWE Cruiserweight Classic took place. Two semifinals bouts would occur, with the winners heading to the final. This saw TJ Perkins defeat Kota Ibushi, and Gran Metalik beat Zack Sabre Jr. It set up a finale that had instant classic written all over it. However, topping the semifinal matches would be a task that Perkins and Metalik would have to live up to.

Perkins and Metalik are both signed to WWE Raw’s cruiserweight division, which debuts on Monday, September 19. However, they will first square off to determine who wins the first Cruiserweight Classic.

This match culminated a thrilling tournament, which saw 32 competitors battle to advance and showcase their skills. These two got the last laugh, though. But who won?

The competitors are out!

Wait a second, that’s Triple H. He would speak to the competitors and made a pretty big announcement.

We’re getting a Cruiserweight Championship!

The match would get underway, with Perkins taking Metalik down to the ground.

Then, there was this amazing Frankensteiner, which got the crowd off its feet.

After Metalik looked for a Metalik Driver off the top rope, Perkins countered it into the kneebar! With damage having already been done to Metalik’s knee, he tapped out. This made TJP the winner of the inaugural WWE Cruiserweight Classic.

Perkins delivered in every moment of this tournament. He defeated some of the favorites, and put on a great match with all of them. The former TNA star may have been the most consistent performer in the entire event, even with Ibushi and Sabre factored in. So, the case can be made that TJP earned the win and Cruiserweight Championship.

What a match. What a tournament.

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