WWE Clash of Champions 2016 results: Roman Reigns vs Rusev full video highlights

Here are Roman Reigns vs. Rusev match results and highlights for their United States Championship match at WWE Clash of Champions 2016.

For weeks, Roman Reign and Rusev have been feuding over the United States Championship. The two were slated to meet for a title bout at SummerSlam over a month ago, but the match never actually started. Instead, Reigns ended up demolishing Rusev outside the ring, leaving him injured.

After weeks of recovery, Rusev returned to get some revenge on Reigns on Raw, costing him a Universal Championship match. The two would also mix things up inside a steel cage that also involved Seth Rollins and Kevin Owens. All of that would set up the latest championship bout for Sunday night.

Reigns came into the pay-per-view as the favorite to win. With the way the other results on the card had played out earlier, it appeared he might be the only new champion to leave Bankers Life Fieldhouse.

Lana started things off to give her husband his proper introduction. Soon after, the challenger came to the ring to a mixture of cheers and boos. Reigns would take control early on, knocking the champion out of the ring twice with Lana looking on. Later, he would level the Bulgarian Brute with a huge clothesline in the ring.

Rusev would gain control later, as he tossed Reigns into the ringpost shoulder-first, causing the challenger to fall to the outside. From there, the champ rammed Reigns into a ringside crowd barrier to further damage his back. Reigns fought back with shots to Rusev’s head. The two continued to fight outside the ring with Rusev whipping Reigns into both sets of steel steps.

However, Reigns refused to give up and would hit a huge Samoan Drop for a near fall. From there, he clotheslined the champ to the outside and threw him into the crowd barrier and ring steps. Moments later, the ref had to back Reigns away from Rusev near the ropes. That allowed the champ to drop his competitor throat-first against the top rope for a near fall after.

Moments later, the former Shield member was able to connect on a Superman Punch as Rusev tried to deliver a kick. As Reigns set up for another big move, it was Lana getting on the ring apron to distract him. That allowed Rusev to connect on a huge kick for the pinfall, but surprisingly, Reigns kicked out.

A frustrated champ delivered three kicks to Reigns’ spine and went for the Accolade. Reigns escaped it and nailed a Spear for the pinfall. However, as the ref tried to count it, Lana yanked him out of the ring. Moments later, Rusev’s furious wife was ejected from ringside. The match continued outside the ring with both guys taking it to each other. Reigns hit a Driveby kick on the outside, then tossed Rusev back in the ring, but the champion delivered a huge kick to level him.

With the Accolade locked in, Reigns looked ready to tap or pass out from the hold. He held on strong and then powered up with Rusev on his shoulders. Rusev raked Reigns in the eyes, but that wouldn’t be enough. As the champ yelled out in frustration, Reigns exploded from the corner with the Spear to finally take him down for the pinfall.

Here are the highlight video clips from Sunday night’s United States Championship match.

The Spear was once again the difference maker. With that, Roman Reigns is now the new United States Championship. It marks his first reign with that particular title, as he’s previously held the WWE World Heavyweight and Tag Team titles.

Of course, this will also mean a rematch is in order. Expect Rusev to be demanding a shot to recapture his championship, most likely on the next episode of Raw. It would be surprising if they had to wait until the Survivor Series for it.

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