WWE Clash of Champions 2016 results: New Day vs Anderson and Gallows full video highlights

A look at what happened in this WWE Clash of Champions match of New Day vs. Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows.

At WWE Clash of Champions, New Day will put their Raw Tag Team Championship on the line against Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson. This feud has been ongoing since the summer, and even saw a few matches taken place between these teams. Their SummerSlam bout resulted in a disqualification, so it’s possible we get a definitive result on Sunday.

New Day and Gallows and Anderson will be looking to get past the horrendous “Old Day” segment at Clash. Can they put on a good enough match to make fans forget about this?

Here’s what happened in this Clash of Champions match.

Gallows took out Big E immediately, with Anderson hitting a Liger Bomb on Kofi Kingston for a near-fall. Xavier Woods then got mauled at ringside, making this a red-hot start for The Club.

It took Kingston a while to work some offense on Gallows, leading to him getting a hot tag to Big E. He suplexed Anderson around the ring and hit a splash in the center of the ring. However, Anderson stopped Big E’s suicide dive attempt, which may be for the better given the recent attempts at the move. Boot of Doom would nearly get Anderson and Gallows the win.

After Kingston tagged in, Anderson hit a spinebuster and Gallows hit a chokeslam. This set up Magic Killer, but Kofi countered. Big E made a quiet tag and hit the Big Ending on Anderson, but Gallows pulled the former powerlifter away as he went for the pin.

Woods would hit Anderson with Francesca, leading to the champs hitting Midnight Hour for the win.

New Day’s reign will go into Raw as the champions for 400 days. It’s an impressive run, but the ending to this match should mean there’s more to come.

An intriguing call could be to make a Raw Tag Team Championship match on Monday, potentially with Woods banned from ringside. This would allow New Day to hit the 400-day mark, but also create a title change.

If that had been the end of Anderson and Gallows in the title scene, though, what’s next for them?

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