WWE: Chris Jericho Roasts Rusev on Twitter Again

Chris Jericho took Rusev back to school on Twitter once again.

Chris Jericho and Rusev have had a light Twitter spat over the past week. This started with the Bulgarian Brute congratulating” Y2J on winning the United States Championship on Raw, January 9. He noted how Jericho and Roman Reigns had “17,000” matches with each other before the title changed hands.

In response, Jericho took Rusev down by saying his one in 17,000 is still better. This left the Canadian-Bulgarian Twitter war in favor of the former, 1-0.

On Wednesday night, Rusev would trade Twitter jabs with Renee Young over a segment on Total Divas.

Young gave a playful response in return, saying Canadians are good at basketball.

Rusev jumped back in by saying, “35 million Canadians. 1 great player.” Ouch.

Over two hours later, Jericho arose on Twitter and caught wind of Rusev’s comment on Canadian basketball players. So, for the second week in a row, the United States Champion fired away with another comment that will help him dominate the Twitterverse:

That would make this 2-0, Jericho, if you’re keeping score at home.

Rusev tried jumping back in, but it didn’t work. He tried salvaging it by calling Jericho “62 years old” and a “wannabe rockstar.”

Come on, Rusev, we expected better out of you than this.

The Canadian-Bulgarian Twitter war will likely rage on with whatever one of these two says next. Based on the way this has gone, Jericho is in a commanding lead. If anything, he may have placed the two-time United States Champion on the List of Jericho as well. Maybe that’s what he did during the opening segment of Raw on Monday.

Given that Chris Jericho will be sitting in a shark cage at the Royal Rumble for about 15-20 minutes, maybe he’ll take some time out to tweet Rusev again. There could probably be one or two good quotes that get created from this.

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