AJ Styles pulled off one of the craziest springboard moves ever at TLC


AJ Styles needed James Ellsworth's help to retain his WWE World Championship in a shocking ending to the TLC main event Sunday, but earlier in the match Styles delivered one of the best moves of the year (while wrestling with a hole in his tights).

Styles set up a battered Ambrose on a table outside the ring, then hit one of his signature 450 flips through the table and onto the floor below.

This fan's reaction pretty much says it all.

It wasn't even the biggest bump of the match. Ambrose recovered, then got creative by setting up a ladder on top of an announce table in order to hit a flying elbow on Styles.

Ambrose had the World Championship won after punching Styles off the ladder and through the ropes, but James Ellsworth tipped Ambrose's ladder over, sending him crashing into tables outside the ring. Ellsworth, who still has a title shot in hand, explained on Talking Smack that he wanted to face Styles for the championship due to his 3-0 record against him. That match will happen Tuesday on SmackDown.