WWE 205 Live: Feb. 21, 2020

On the latest episode of WWE 205 Live, Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch battled Ariya Daivari & The Brian Kendrick in a No Disqualification slugfest. Plus, Joaquin Wilde and Raul Mendoza squared off in a highly competitive rematch.

Raul Mendoza def. Joaquin Wilde

Last month on WWE 205 Live, Joaquin Wilde picked up an impressive victory in only his second appearance on the purple brand by defeating Raul Mendoza. Looking to bounce back, Mendoza battled The Cosmic Superstar once more.

Mendoza adopted an unpredictable arsenal, mixing strength with speed, forcing his opponent to the outside before flattening him by rolling through the middle rope and dropping Wilde on the arena floor. Back inside the ring, Mendoza turned up the pressure, attacking with ferocity and preparing to drop his opponent from the top rope. However, The Cosmic Superstar reversed an electric chair from the top rope into a huge powerbomb to regain control.

Wilde sped up his attacks and stayed one step ahead of Mendoza, pushing him off the top rope to the outside before landing a huge senton.

Both Superstars traded high-impact strikes followed by quick recoveries. And after avoiding his opponent’s patented Wilde Thing, Mendoza dropped Wilde with a huge kick to score the pinfall victory.

Tyler Breeze def. Samir Singh

After Lio Rush was defeated by NXT Cruiserweight Champion Jordan Devlin in WWE NXT earlier in the week, Tyler Breeze tried to encourage The Man of the Hour, but Rush wanted nothing to do with Prince Pretty. However, with title aspirations of his own, Breeze returned to WWE 205 Live to battle Samir Singh.

As the opening bell sounded, Samir engaged in his usual antics, but his taunting backfired when Prince Pretty struck back and forced Samir to the outside to strategize with his brother. Breeze flattened Samir on the outside and pushed him back in the ring, only to be distracted by Sunil.

With Breeze outnumbered, The Singh Brothers worked together to keep Prince Pretty on defense. As Sunil once again tried to aid his brother, Breeze fell from the top rope to the canvas, but he recovered in time to nail Samir with a Supermodel Kick to score the win.

Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch def. The Brian Kendrick & Ariya Daivari

Immediately after Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch entered the ring, The Brian Kendrick and Ariya Daivari wasted little time charging the squared circle and decimating their bitter rivals all over the outside of the ring.

After gaining the upper hand, Lorcan and Burch obliged the WWE Universe and retrieved a table. Preparing to put The Persian Lion through the table, the two heavy hitters were blindsided by Kendrick. Seizing the opportunity to strike, The Man with a Plan dropped Lorcan through the table with a Death Valley Driver.

Daivari tossed Burch over the announce table and fetched a ladder from underneath the ring. Daivari’s plan backfired, as he tried to toss Burch into the ladder only to be countered and greeted by the ladder with his own face instead.

Ascending to the top of the ladder, Daivari delivered a huge splash but saw victory escape his grasp as Lorcan broke up the pinfall.

Burch avoided a double suplex before sitting Kendrick in the chair for Lorcan to execute a blockbuster. Lorcan dropped onto both opponents on the outside before duct-taping Kendrick to the turnbuckle. Lorcan and Burch delivered an impact DDT on the table before executing the move a second time in the center of the ring with Kendrick watching helplessly as the official made the three-count.

Captain’s challenge next week!

Next week, WWE 205 Live original Tony Nese will pick four partners to face a team chosen by NXT Cruiserweight Lio Rush for a 10-Man Elimination Match that will take place next month.

Additionally, the former NXT Cruiserweight Champions will go one-on-one in a captain’s match next week!

Don’t miss WWE 205 Live, next Friday at 10/9 C, streaming live on the award-winning WWE Network.

Lorcan & Burch set to brawl with Kendrick & Daivari

In recent weeks, the rivalry pitting Danny Burch and Oney Lorcan against The Brian Kendrick and Ariya Daivari has only continued to escalate. Last week on WWE 205 Live, the animosity between the duos reached a boiling point. After Lorcan & Burch battled The Singh Brothers, The Man with a Plan and Daivari Dinero emerged from the audience and attacked. They decimated their hard-hitting rivals with steel chairs in hopes to send a clear message that the purple brand belonged to them.

However, Lorcan & Burch returned the favor later in the evening after Kendrick & Daivari battled Tony Nese & Mike Kanellis. After WWE 205 Live last week, it was announced that the bitter rivals would collide in a No Disqualification Tag Team Match tonight!

Don’t miss what is sure to be an all-out brawl tonight on WWE 205 Live at 10/9 C, streaming live on the award-winning WWE Network.

Joaquin Wilde and Raul Mendoza square off again tonight!

Three weeks ago on WWE 205 Live, Joaquin Wilde picked up an impressive victory in only his second appearance on the purple brand when he defeated Raul Mendoza. With both Superstars looking to make a splash in the Cruiserweight division and build their cases for a potential NXT Cruiserweight Championship opportunity, they will battle once again tonight!

Their first clash was fast-paced and left the WWE Universe on the edge of their seats, and that will undoubtedly be the case when they once again collide. Can Mendoza rebound, or will The Cosmic Superstar prove he’s the next big star of the Cruiserweight division?