Wrestling fans the time has come when you can order your Booty O’s

The New Day.

Ian Gavan/Getty Images

While Wheaties are the breakfast of champions, Booty O’s must be the breakfast of tag-team champions.

The New Day, WWE tag-team champions, have been pushing their Booty O’s and now you actually can buy the cereal.

However, as one would expect, give the royal reign of the champs, it won’t come cheap.

On fye.com you can purchase Booty O’s for $12.99 a box. If you are a member, the price takes a dip to $11.69.

At that cost, one better expect The New Day, themselves, to pop out when you open your cereal.

If you are wondering what Booty O’s offer, here is the product description:

Get your recommended daily value of Positivity, Unicorn Magic, and Trombone music! All part of a balanced New Day Breakfast! This delicious and nutritious New Day cereal comes with marshmallow shaped booty crowns, unicorn horns and rainbow hearts. Just add milk and feel the power!

Booty O’s are available for pre-order now and will be available on Aug. 5.