What time does the WWE Draft start?

The WWE Draft is finally here. Raw commissioner Stephanie McMahon and her general manager Mick Foley will have the first overall pick Tuesday night on the first live edition of SmackDown, but Shane McMahon may have already won over fans by selecting Daniel Bryan to be SmackDown’s general manager. So what time does it all begin?

WWE Network will air also air a "Draft Center" show concurrently with SmackDown, beginning at 8:00 p.m. ET. If you live on the West Coast, SmackDown will not begin airing until 8:00 PT, so catching the action live on the WWE Network is your best bet. 

Here are a few of the rules announced by WWE:

– Raw will have the first overall pick, and because Raw is a longer show, it will receive three picks for every two that SmackDown receives. 

– 6 stars from the NXT roster will be drafted

– Tag teams will count as a single pick unless a general manager only wants one of the members

– Brock Lesnar is draft eligible, while The Undertaker and Triple H are not. You can see a full list of draft-eligible wrestlers here.