What’s Next for Dolph Ziggler and The Miz After WWE SmackDown?

A look at what is possibly ahead for Dolph Ziggler and The Miz once Survivor Series is over.

A couple of weeks ago, Dolph Ziggler challenged the entire Raw roster to try and take his Intercontinental title. This was bold from the part of the gutsy champion. However, last week on SmackDown Live, it was announced that Ziggler would face The Miz in their rematch for the IC title this week on SmackDown Live. Coincidentally, we learned that it would be Sami Zayn representing Raw in the IC title match.

Ziggler defended his title against The Miz this week on SmackDown. As fate would often have it during the Show-off tenure in the WWE, a high point in his career was followed by another fall. In a surprising turn of events, Maryse helped Miz secure the win and his 6th Intercontinental title. The match for Survivor Series is now official. It will be Miz facing Sami Zayn from Raw for the IC title.

This is not the first time that the Show-off suffered a similar fate. Merely two months after successfully cashing in his Money in the Bank briefcase and winning his second World Heavyweight championship, Ziggler would lose it to Del Rio again. Then in 2014, after being the sole survivor for Team Cena, Ziggler would continue to fade into obscurity.

Dolph Ziggler

The brand split and the draft reinvigorated a flame in Dolph. He was once more in the main event picture for a short time. However, it was his midcard feud with Miz over the IC title that elevated both the competitors as well as the IC title to a whole new realm. At times, the IC title story was the centerpiece of SmackDown Live.

The feud would also bring out the best in both of them. They produced some of their best matches and eventually, Ziggler putting it all on the line for one more shot at the title was the epitome of the storyline feud. After winning the IC title, it felt like all was good in the life of Dolph for once. A confident Dolph would then challenge Raw to a fight. However, the current turn of events have placed a big question mark towards what is ahead for him.

Where does Dolph go from here? Despite multiple rumours that his career was ending after No Mercy, Ziggler stayed. Is he planning a move away from the WWE now? Or will be painfully fade into irrelevancy yet again? Will SmackDown’s creative team throw another curve ball at us and give Ziggler another reason to lace his boots? Questions are plenty coming into Survivor Series. It will be a huge disappointment to learn that Dolph will not be facing Zayn at Survivor Series.

The Miz

The good news for the Miz fans is that despite failing to be a part of the SmackDown men’s team, Miz will be on the Survivor Series card. However, that depends on Miz agreeing to put his title on the line against Zayn. Knowing the cocky heel that The Miz is, there is no reason for him to participate in a challenge laid out by Dolph Ziggler.

If that be the case, it would make for an interesting turn of events. Will SmackDown GM Daniel Bryan force Miz to defend his title for the honor of the blue brand? In that case, if he loses, will Bryan take the responsibility for losing the title? Moreover, would that continue to play up the on-screen animosity between Miz and Bryan?

Prehaps, after losing the IC title to Sami, Miz can demand a trade to Raw. He can say he is fed up with Bryan and wants to be moved to Raw. Miz can also state wanting to pursue the IC title. Ziggler can join the fray and blame the Miz for losing the IC title to Raw. We noted a few months ago regarding speculations of a trade for The Miz. Raw superstar Cesaro also teased the possibility of coming to SmackDown. Moreover, Bryan has expressed his interest in signing Cesaro with the blue brand multiple times as well. Will we witness a trade in the coming days if Zayn wins the IC title?

It can be stated without much argument that Ziggler is obviously in a bad position. It will be interesting to watch where the Show-off goes from here. There were rumours of a varsity stable being brought in once Shelton Benjamin makes his return. Ziggler was rumoured to be a part of it too. Was his IC title reign and feud merely a placeholder until this plan kicks in? There is certainly an air of uncertainty surround Dolph Ziggler at the moment.

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