Watch Samoa Joe’s WWE RAW debut in terrifying slow motion (Video)

When you watch Samoa Joe’s debut from Monday night in slow motion, it’s all the more terrifying

Monday night WWE fans all over the world got what they’ve been looking for for a while now, that being the much-anticipated debut of Samoa Joe. The Samoan Submission Machine made his debut as a member of the RAW roster, seemingly as a hired gun for Triple H as he made his presence felt by decimating Seth Rollins to end the show in historic fashion.

The beatdown that Joe put on Rollins was brutal to watch as Triple H looked on in approval, and it definitely was a debut that we will never forget, mainly due to Joe sporting his signature vicious nature.

You would think that the beating could not look anymore vicious than it did live on RAW, but WWE is really testing that theory. On their YouTube page, they released a slow motion version of the final segment of RAW Monday night, and all things considered, Joe looks like more of an intimidating monster here in this video than he did live on RAW when he made his initial appearance on the red brand.

The good news of the last 24 hours is that they’re absolutely going out of their way to make Samoa Joe a big deal on the roster, which is most certainly a good thing. While there was little doubt that they would for some, others were of course worried that the former TNA and independent star wouldn’t be treated like a star when he hit the big time.

This is not the case, thankfully, as we have a lot to look forward to when it comes to the future of one of the best professional wrestlers of this generation. He already has a memorable debut under his belt, a debut that is even more terrifying when you watch it in slo-mo.

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