Universal Champion Braun Strowman def. Bray Wyatt

ORLANDO, Fla. – The former Black Sheep of the Wyatt Family defeated the man who was once his shepherd, as Braun Strowman gave Bray Wyatt a dose of his own psychological medicine to retain the Universal Championship.

Strowman overpowered Wyatt early, but Bray turned the tables when he sent him crashing into the announce desk to take control. Wyatt struggled to put Strowman away, though, unable to get a three-count following Sister Abigail.

Strowman later emerged from outside the ring wearing the familiar Black Sheep mask he donned as part of The Wyatt Family years ago. Wyatt responded with delirious jubilation, thinking he had perhaps regained his most powerful follower of yesteryear. They embraced for a hug in the middle of the ring with Huskus The Pig Boy, Mercy The Buzzard, Abby The Witch and Rambling Rabbit all cheering the reunion at ringside.

But it was all a ruse and a rare example of one of Wyatt’s opponents surpassing his mind games with some of their own. After removing the mask and stomping on it, Strowman hoisted Bray above his head before dropping him with a Running Powerslam for the win.