Tyler Bate Wins WWE United Kingdom Championship Tournament (Video)

Tyler Bate would win the WWE United Kingdom Championship Tournament on Sunday afternoon.

Tyler Bate came into this WWE United Kingdom Championship Tournament as the youngest competitor at age 19. He rolled through Part One with plenty of momentum by headlining the show with Tucker, putting on an entertaining match to enter Part Two on Sunday.

Throughout Part Two, Bate had to battle through three matches and a shoulder injury via Pete Dunne, who faced him in the finals. Before that, the Dudley, England native had to defeat Wolfgang and Jordan Devlin to make it to the last match.

Bate vs. Dunne would last for over 20 minutes and see a wild back and forth contest, which featured psychology on the injured shoulder, big spots, and wild crowd pops. After having to do everything possible to put away his mentor, Bate hit the Tyler Driver ’97 and got the successful pinfall to win the WWE United Kingdom Championship.

Finn Balor, Triple H, William Regal, and Fit Finlay would head to the ring to award Bate the belt and raise his arm in celebration.

The full celebration can be seen below:

WWE may have just created their next star. Moreover, they may have created their next two stars in both Bate and Pete Dunner. However, the focus is on the former here, who broke out on Day One and followed it up with three matches on Day Two that saw him win over the crowd. They were behind him enough in the main event as he became the first-ever WWE UK Champion.

So, what’s next for Tyler Bate and this new championship? WWE’s stance on this has not been clear or really touched on. Could it mean an appearance on WWE TV?

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