Tommaso Ciampa sends undisputed message to NXT Champion Adam Cole

It’s no secret that Tommaso Ciampa is training furiously hard for his return to the ring after being sidelined with a devastating neck injury earlier this year, but The Blackheart’s latest video documenting his recovery not only shows incredible progress inside the weight room, but also takes aim at NXT Champion Adam Cole.

Since being cleared to get back in the gym, Ciampa has periodically posted such video updates on Twitter. Whereas the first clips after his neck surgery showed Ciampa lifting light dumbbells, his newest newest video shows him deadlifting some serious weight.

Or, as the self-proclaimed “Greatest Sports-Entertainer of All Time” put it, roughly three Adam Coles worth of poundage.

Make no mistake, The Blackheart won’t be satisfied with merely returning to the black-and-gold brand that he helped elevate. He’s also as determined as ever to regain possession of Goldie and resume his position atop the NXT mountain.