Watch Matt Hardy beat Jeff Hardy in the most bizarre match you’ll ever see

Former WWE stars Matt and Jeff Hardy battled over the Hardy name in an innovative and absurd 20-minute special titled "The Final Deletion" last week, and TNA uploaded the entire match to YouTube for your viewing pleasure. Even if you don’t regularly watch TNA, what the Hardy brothers pulled off was magical (and incredibly weird). 

The match occurred on the day of "Broken" Matt Hardy’s son Maxel’s first birthday, and Hardy instructed his gardener Senor Benjamin to prepare "the battlefield" in Cameron, North Carolina. Matt Hardy then launches an offensive on "Brother Nero" Jeff Hardy’s house with a swarm of drones, and delivers a holographic message to meet at dusk. 

In a ring illuminated by floodlights in the middle of a field, the Hardys begin to fight each other with no commentary provided and some stirring music playing in the background, which makes the entire match feel more like the climax of an action epic than a typical pro wrestling bout. 

Jeff Hardy eventually climbs up a tree and hits Matt, who is lying on a ladder, with a swanton bomb. 

Matt Hardy retaliates by shooting fireworks across the ring, but Jeff Hardy grabs a firework gun of his own and sends Matt running for a "dilapidated boat!"

The match ends when Matt Hardy lights the giant stucture his brother has climbed atop in flame (using the candle from his son’s cake), sending him crashing to the dirt. 

It’s typically taboo for WWE wrestlers to mention anything associated with TNA, but everyone was blown away.