TNA Impact Wrestling Review: Results and Analysis for November 10

TNA Impact Wrestling Bound for Glory Billy Corgan


Will Eli Drake use Bound for Gold to his advantage as he faces Eddie Edwards on TNA Impact Wrestling?

October 10th’s episode of TNA Impact Wrestling focused on crowning a new number one contender for the fight World Champion Eddie Edwards.  There were four qualifying matches set to determine Edwards’ next challenge if he defeats Eli Drake tonight.

The night started off with a rematch from Bound for Glory as Mike Bennett battled Moose.  Both men have a history with each other which calls for a back and forth battle.  Neither Moose or Bennett has lost many matches in their TNA careers so this is a match that could go either way.  Will Moose get his first opportunity at the TNA World Championship?

The Decay’s Abyss headed into action alone against EC3.  It has been a while since Abyss has challenged for the World Championship and he has to be hungry for a win.  Abyss’ World Heavyweight Championship run was a while back and this could be a huge victory against EC3.  Is it finally time for another Abyss World Championship run?

A highly upset Lashley had a chance to take out his anger on the Halloween edition of the BroMans.  It was not a good night for Grado and Robbie E.  They were excited that they were getting a handicap match but there’s only so much help one can give.  Although it’s unlikely, can they find a way to beat a fuming Lashley?

The main event saw Eli Drake’s cash in of Bound for Gold to take his first opportunity at the World Title.  Both men have had great momentum going into the match and it is truly one that could go either way.  Tyus lost in his cash in last week but can Eli Drake be the first to successful use his Bound for Gold shot?

Eddie Edwards Starts the Night

The World Champion starts the show once again tonight after a huge victory over Lashley last week.  He talks about his willingness to fight and that he isn’t hiding from anyone.  Eli Drake makes his way to the ring as he has a shot at the TNA World Championship tonight.  Drake points out his selfishness by saying that Bound for Gold is representative of Eli Drake while Edwards is performing for his fans.  He is then interrupted by bitter rival EC3 as Carter questions Drake’s ability to be champion.

Mike Bennett’s music hits and he joins the men in the ring who’s objective is to take the title from Eddie Edwards.  Bennett and Eli Drake attack EC3 and Eddie Edwards from behind which brings in the Cavalry in Moose.

This was a true testament to Eddie Edwards improve mic abilities.  He sounded so much more confident tonight which should happen considering he has opening the show for two weeks.  Edwards has practically been forced to grow on the mic and it has worked.

Mike Bennett vs Moose

Result: Bennett def. Moose via count out.

This was one of the qualifying matches for the number one contender’s match for the World Championship.  Tonight’s matches featured former friends who have turned into enemies.  We have seen Bennett and Moose go at it thus this should be good one.

After early involvement, Maria Kanellis was ejected and it completely changed the game plan of Mike Bennett.  He tried to ground Moose by working the legs; it was the old adage of chopping down the redwood.  Once Moose gained his momentum, he was difficult to stop.  Moose tried to put it away in the corner but the injured knee slowed him down.  Bennett understood that he had to pull out all the stops with a piledriver.  Both men know each other well and this made it almost impossible to for either man to hit their signature maneuvers.  Bennett ran Moose into the steel steps late in the referee’s ten count to get the count out victory.

The camera goes back to Cameron to check up on Matt Hardy after a hard fall from a forklift last week.  It is a situation that has to be seen for oneself and Hardy to explain according to Reby Sky.  He is seen building a second dining room as Jeff Hardy and Reby come in.  Matt Hardy has no idea who Brother Nero is or why professional wrestling exists.

The Tribunal Celebration

Al Snow is back from injury and this return is worthy of a celebration.  The Tribunal proclaim that they never needed Al Snow.  Snow claims that he is the reason why the Tribunal is in TNA.  Dax and Baraka attack Al Snow and this isn’t the way that he wanted to return.  Mahabali Shera comes to the ring to help Al Snow but it was all for not.  The Tribunal leave Al Snow and Mahabali Shera laying in the middle of the ring after a pair of low blows.

Abyss vs EC3

Result: EC3 def. Abyss via submission.

We haven’t seen these two battle much but that brings up the intrigue.  Two powerful guys with Abyss obviously having the advantage.  I was looking to see if EC3 will use his speed to keep Abyss off balance.

As I predicted, EC3’s speed kept Abyss on his toes.  Abyss seemed to be in control until the fight goes to the outside.  Oddly enough, one would think that Abyss would have the advantage outside of the ring.  He did find a way to mount a comeback with a chokeslam on the apron.  The Monster continued to maintain control as he reversed everything that EC3 threw at him but the key was EC3’s speed.  The frustration got the best of Abyss as he goes for the steel chair and is caught with a sleeper hold.  The choke puts Abyss away and allows EC3 to move one step closer to regaining the championship.

The fans are taken back to the Hardy Compound to update us on Matt Hardy.  The obsolete song didn’t jog Hardy’s memory.  He thinks that Jeff is Brother Hero and Reby is Becky and it doesn’t look good for the Broken Brilliance.

Gail Kim Has an Announcement

She calls out Jade who has had some amazing battles with Gail Kim.  Kim shows her respect for Jade by calling her the future of the Knockout’s Division.  Kim was about to make a big announcement but was interrupted by the Decay.  It seems like Rosemary is notching her spot for a chance at the Knockout’s Championship.  She sprays her with the mist and has her submitting with the guillotine.  Rosemary takes out Jade with a coast to coast in the corner using a trash can.  There is no reason for this attack but perhaps Rosemary wants to contend for the Knockout’s Championship.

Rockstar Spud vs DJ Z vs Trevor Lee

Result: Trevor Lee wins via pinfall.

It is nice to see the X-Division stars get a chance at TNA’s top prize.  There is really no bad choice going into this match but everyone is giving the advantage to DJ Z as he is the X-Division Champion.

All three men have their unique styles and that was what made this match feel so special.  This match always seemed to turn into a one on one match as one man would get taken out.  There was high flying and also aggression in this match as the clash of styles was truly shown.  DJ Z is fantastic at taking out both men at the same time.  A low blow takes out DJ Z and Lee gets the victory with a fisherman buster.

Lashley vs Grado and Robbie E

Result: Lashley wins via pinfall.

Well, this is Grado and Robbie E’s chance to advance to a World Championship qualifiers.  They put up a good fight for a second but Lashley is too angry to be stopped right now.  Lashley shows how dominant he can be when he destroys Grado and Robbie E with a spear to advance.

Aron Rex, Jessie Godderz Altercation

Jessie Godderz asked Aron Rex to meet him in the parking lot.  Rex encourages Godderz to smile more and learn how to win.  Godderz takes the first shot and beats Rex down easily.  The fight goes into the production truck and Rex looks a little less tough without his power of the punch.

The Hardys take a ride on Jeff Hardy’s dirt bike but Matt is horrified.  Hardy doesn’t even remember the dilapidated boat.  Jeff Hardy tries to push Matt into the Lake of Reincarnation but the water is too cold and dirty for Matt.  Jeff Hardy heads to the Impact Zone to take on the DCC himself.

TNA World Heavyweight Championship Match
Eddie Edwards (c) vs Eli Drake

Result: Eddie Edwards defeats Eli Drake via pinfall.

This is Eli Drake’s first World Championship match but he has so much potential to great.  No matter how this match finishes, there will be no loser from the fans perspective.  Eli Drake is ready to be World Champion but Eddie Edwards has grown in his short title run.

This started as a very back and forth match until the fight went to the outside.  Drake dropped Edwards hard on his back on the apron and this could be the turning point of the match.  It looked like Drake could put it away after the huge move but Edwards fights back with a superplex.  Edwards’ suicide dive took him into the guardrail and could’ve been the high-risk move that put both men down for the count.  Drake couldn’t put Edwards away with Blood Force Trauma and the aggravation allowed Eddie to fight back.  Edward’s never say die attitude made Drake go deep into the well.  Drake goes for a dive off the top turnbuckle but Edwards meets Drake with Boston Knee Party.  For the second week in a row, Eddie Edwards retains World Heavyweight Championship.

After the match, Edwards is attacked by the DCC.  As Edwards is lying prone, the DCC reveal themselves as Bram, James Storm, and an unidentified third member.

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