TNA Impact Wrestling Review: Results and Analysis for February 2

TNA Impact Wrestling presents Open Fight Night as the Race for the Case winners cash in.

One week after Genesis 2017, this week is TNA Impact Wrestling’s Open Fight Night.  Everything revolves around the Race for the Case match from a few weeks ago.  There were four cases awarded and those winners can challenge anyone they want for a match of their choosing depending on the number of their case.  The winners were Jeff Hardy, Eli Drake, Trevor Lee, and The DCC.

Jeff Hardy decided to challenge for the TNA World Championship.  It was an intelligent move considering that Lashley had just defeated Eddie Edwards in a 30-minute Ironman Match.  Edwards wasn’t finished with Lashley and would make his presence known tonight but Jeff Hardy also wants his time in the spotlight.  It has been a while since Jeff Hardy has challenged for the World Championship but could tonight be his night?

The DCC decided to go after their rivals the Decay.  Many would think that they would want a Tag Team Championship match but they were ineligible since Jeff Hardy had also won a case.  They challenged the Decay to a Falls Count Anywhere match where nothing was to be expected.  The DCC promised a surprise and would make the fans wait on it.

Eli Drake would cash in his case on adversary EC3 who has been through too much the last few weeks.  It was a trying match for EC3 and that was exactly why EC3 was challenged.  Trevor Lee attacked DJ Z last week and set up his X-Division coronation in a ladder match.  DJ Z as is EC3 was bruised and battered but can they overcome the odds?

Open Fight Night begins now.

TNA World Heavyweight Championship Match
Lashley (c) vs Jeff Hardy

Result: Lashley def. Hardy via pinfall to retain the TNA World Heavyweight Championship.

Jeff Hardy made his decision to challenge the TNA World Champion Bobby Lashley.  Lashley just came off a hard fought victory last week in an Ironman Match against Eddie Edwards last week.  This was a request from Matt Hardy’s seven deities in a quest to obtain all the championships.

This match was not as dominant as we are used to seeing from Lashley.  Since these two haven’t faced each other in a while, it may have put the World Champion at a disadvantage.  Hardy went for two Swanton Bombs and connected on both but he couldn’t put Lashley away.  The fighting spirit of Lashley earned him another victory as he kicked out of the Swanton Bombs and ended the match with a spear.  Lashley would retain his World Championship for the first time on Open Fight Night.

After the match, Eddie Edwards came to face off with the new champion.  Edwards came up with a new nickname for Bobby Lashley.  This got under Lashley skin and baited him into a title rematch with Eddie Edwards next week.  Edwards simply wants one more chance the week after Open Fight Night.

Sienna vs Brooke

Result: Sienna def. Brooke via pinfall

Brooke is coming off of her in-ring return last week where she was victorious but she is facing a whole other beast in Sienna.  This is a first-time match-up between the two and it has been a while since Brooke has faced a wrestler like Sienna.  Maria is on the outside, she will definitely be a factor in the match.

Brooke’s speed seemed to work to her advantage as she had Sienna flustered but every time that she was in control Maria would get involved.  This would lead to Sienna finishing Brooke with the Silencer that almost took her to the outside of the ring.  There was no chance of Brooke winning with the two on one odds against her.  She continues to shake off the ring rust as she continues to build up steam.

The DCC vs The Decay

Result: The DCC def. The Decay via pinfall

Open Fight Night is all about calling out whoever you want to fight and tonight’s focus was on Race for the Case.  The DCC won the yellow case and decided to call out the Decay to initiate their rivalry.  It was deemed a Falls Count Anywhere match as the DCC had a surprise up their sleeves.  They hinted at the secret that was soon to be revealed.

This match had everything that you would want in a Falls Count Anywhere match.  Everything from beer bottles, barbed wire boards, tables, and chairs.  It even started outside of the ring and had its fair share of carnage.  Kingston went full body into the thumbtacks but there was one move that no one expected.  Bram finished the match with a piledriver of Steve through a table.  The DCC go one up on their rivals, The Decay.

Drew Galloway vs Rob Risen

Result: Galloway def. Risen via pinfall

Drew Galloway issues another open challenge considering it is Open Fight Night.  Moose comes out to accept but Galloway is giving no more chances to Moose.  There turns out to be an opponent that asked for a match in the back.  The challenger is revealed as Rob Risen as Galloway wants to give new people opportunities.

Galloway starts the match was a slap to the face and a big boot.  It was essentially over from the very beginning as Galloway dominated.  No matter how much Josh Matthews wanted the underdog story, there was not way that it would happen.  After a piledriver followed by the Future Shock DDT, Drew Galloway retains the Impact Grand Championship.  This match was basically a no contest.

TNA X-Division Championship Match
Trevor Lee vs DJ Z

Result: Lee def. DJ Z via pinfall to win the TNA X-Division Championship.

Last week, Trevor Lee targeted the knee of the X-Division Champion last week.  He purposely attacked Zema to set up his challenge at Open Fight Night.  Zema comes out barely able to walk and to add insult to injury, Lee makes it a ladder match.

There was no power behind the strikes of DJ Z even with the ladder.  He was unable to put any weight on it and Trevor Lee continued to exploit it.  Every attack by Zema went back to the pain in his knee and it seemed to be only a matter of time before it took its toll.  The entire offensive strategy was to continue to take out the leg of DJ Z and in this type of match, it was one of the smartest moves by Lee.  Trevor Lee tried to pull DJ Z off the ladder but Z hit him with the ZDT.  Gregory Helms slides the chair into Lee and he traps Zema under the ladder as Trevor Lee becomes the new X-Division Champion.

Eli Drake vs EC3

Result: EC3 def. Eli Drake via pinfall

Eli Drake owns the final red case from Race for the Case.  He decides to challenge a beaten Ethan Carter III.  Carter struggles to get to the ring and shows a huge bruise on his side.  Drake simply wants a victory over EC3 which is something that Drake has never done.  Additionally, Carter wasn’t even dressed to compete and barely cleared.

The bruised hip was the center of Eli Drake’s attack.  This was his one chance to get a victory, although tainted but a victory nonetheless.  Carter fought for as long as he could but Drake was fresher on this occasion.  When it seemed like Drake had all the momentum, EC3 finds a way to pin Eli Drake.  Ethan Carter III wins with a jackknife pinning combination and somehow escapes with a victory.

After the match, Eli Drake and Tyrus attack EC3 with a baseball bat but the light cut out.  As they come back on, the DCC are in the ring and they turn to attack EC3.  They would proceed to attack Eli Drake and Tyrus as the two attacks left on the DCC standing at the end of the night.

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