TNA Impact Wrestling Review for December 29

The Hardys bring the fans back to Compound to celebrate the New Year like a Hardy on TNA Impact Wrestling.

It’s a Hardy New Year as we celebrate a year of the Hardys in Cameron, North Carolina.  Last week, TNA reviewed the year 2016 but this week, we get a chance to watch the Hardy’s journey again.  From Iconic World Championship reigns to Total Nonstop Deletion.  If you like the Hardys, this is the show for you.

The year started with Matt Hardy battling EC3 for the World Championship.  Hardy had gained everyone’s respect as he had finally won the TNA World Championship from EC3 in Full Metal Mayhem last year.  It was a celebration to withhold as Matt had finally won a major World Title but it would quickly be taken away from him.  This would start the run of the Iconic Matt Hardy who was told by his wife to start taking.  It was one of the best double turns in years and brought Matt back to the top of the food chain.

Iconic Matt Hardy was getting out of hand and the only one who felt like he could reach him was his brother Jeff Hardy.  This lead to a series of matches between the two that would leave Matt broken.  The Broken regime would usher in a side of Matt Hardy that no one had ever seen.

The Broken Era featured some of the most talked about moments of 2016.  Moments like the Final Deletion, a unique contract signing, and the Tag Team Apocalypto was bookmark the new Hardy character.  Although it was shaky at first, it began to take the world by Storm and now it is time to look back on the Hardys in 2016.

TNA Opener

The Hardys have gathered in Cameron, North Carolina to review their 2016.  It starts with a remixed Twelve Days of Christmas jingle included the dilapidated boat, spot monkeys, and a new Hardy coming soon.  Matt and Reby also plan to announce the gender of the new Hardy.  Broken Matt Hardy starts the countdown with his match against EC3 in January.

Matt Hardy vs EC3

Result: Carter def. Hardy via pinfall

This was the finals of the World Title Series where EC3 had filed an injunction to get his championship back.  The injunction was a smart heel move by EC3 to find some way to After an amazing tournament that had almost the entire roster participating, it was only fitting that these two meet in the finals.  Both men continued to fight through several signature moves but Carter regains his World Championship with a One Percenter from the top rope.

It was amazing how Hardy could still put on amazing matches at his age and with limited mobility.  To see how far Matt Hardy has come is shocking in hindsight.  These two men had enough chemistry to put on great matches every time they faced.  It has to be one of the best feuds to start the year of 2016.

Matt Hardy vs EC3 in a Last Man Standing Match

Result: Hardy def. Carter via TKO.

Now to one of the best heel turns if not the greatest of the year.  EC3 and Matt Hardy’s feud reached such a boiling point that it must be settled in a last man standing match.  These two put their bodies through everything to make sure the fans were pleased.  Hardy turned to a hammer, Twist of Fates using a chair, and even paying off Tyrus to regain the World Championship.  The final blow with the World Championship would solidify Matt Hardy as TNA’s new top heel.

This was a heel turn that literally made me upset and that’s why I would say it was the most impressive of the year.  Hardy gradually started to turn during that match and the fans reacted to his actions.  Tyrus would turn on EC3 and Hardy would use every advantage he could find to beat EC3.  When Matt Hardy became iconic, it was a double turn that no one saw coming including me.

Matt and Senor Benjamin travel to meet Brother Nero back in Cameron.  Vanguard One is set to target him but Hardy and Benjamin find Itchweeed instead.  Itchweeed plans to summon Jeff Hardy who will meet the rest of the family at Matt’s house.

Jeff Hardy vs Matt Hardy

Result: No contest

The match that turned Iconic Matt Hardy into Broken Matt Hardy.  This was an I Quit match that created Matt Hardy’s most popular character to date.  The Hardys sacrificed their bodies to end the other and this rivalry had developed for about a month.  Side effects through the guard rail and Swanton bombs from the highest of heights.  The diving Senton from the top of the rafters was the move that literally broke Matt Hardy.

I love the spin off that TNA did from their WWE feud.  It started out as a similar battle but it would become turned up when Matt Hardy was broken by Jeff Hardy.  This rest, as they say, was history and quite intriguing history at that.

Jeff Hardy vs Broken Matt Hardy at Slammiversary 2016

Result: Jeff Hardy def. Matt Hardy via pinfall.

The one hump that Matt Hardy could never seem to get over was his Brother Jeff Hardy.  Throughout Matt’s career, he was always seen as the inferior brother because of Jeff’s high flying ability.  Plenty of tables were broken in this one as this was definitely an extreme affair.  This was also the debut of Broken Matt Hardy but he couldn’t outwit his brother on this occasion.  It was also a prelude to one of the most memorable battles of all time between the Hardys.

The Final Deletion

Result: Matt Hardy def. Jeff Hardy via pinfall

I don’t think that anyone has or will ever forget the Final Deletion.  It is simply a match that you must see to believe and has honestly changed the perception of professional wrestling.  There was fireworks, dilapidated boats, and of course, Jeff Hardy jumping from somewhere he shouldn’t.  I loved the swerve where Senor Benjamin was revealed under the Willow mask.  It seemed like the only way that Matt Hardy could defeat his brother was in his own backyard.  The flame from King Maxel birthday candle sealed Brother Nero’s fate and he would soon enter the Broken Era.  It’s a match that is difficult to explain but is easier to watch.

Matt and Jeff Hardy revisit the scene where they had their unique contract signing.  Jeff is asked to take the broken table and follow Matt.  He rolls the tabletop into.  Broken Matt Hardy repays Jeff by giving him back everything that he has taken from him over the past year so that Brother Nero can return to his charismatic form.

Delete or Decay

Result: No contest

Another amazing feud that happened in TNA over the past year was the Decay versus The Hardys.  The Decay and the Hardy had similar characters at the time and Matt offered a challenge.  Both teams battled at the Hardy Compound in a fight that was not beautiful in Abyss’ eyes.  Every match that happened at the Hardy Estate was unique in its own way.  This match even saw the return of Joseph Park which was short lived.  Crazy Steve and Jeff Hardy fought in a pool and this was all over King Maxel.  The Broken Era had a different effect on those who watched it but it was certainly something we’d never seen before and possibly never again.  Delete or Decay claimed no victor but set up for my match of the year, The Great War.

The Great War

Result:  The Hardys def. The Decay via pinfall.

A match like no other at Bound for Glory 2016.  The Decay had battled the Broken Brilliance and had to travel outside of the Impact Zone to attempt to conclude.  The Hardy regained the Tag Team Championships with a Swanton Bomb and Reby taking out Rosemary with a powerbomb through a table on the outside of the ring.  The Great War was the culmination of all that the Hardy’s had been through since they last won the Tag Team Championships.

Tag Team Apocalypto

Result: The Hardys win Tag Team Apocalypto.

Another match that is better to be seen than read about.  It turned out to be a mixture of all the matches from the Hardy Compound.  The main event to Total Nonstop Deletion did not disappoint and brought back the moments of the past.  We even say stars of the past like the Rock N Roll Express and Spud’s tag team partner Hornswoggle. It all ended with the Hurricane turning on his Helms Dynasty and taking a shot at Triple H in the process.  The Hardys once again retained to become the greatest tag team in all of time and space.

It has been an interesting Hardy new year but after rewatching everything unfolds, how much Broken Brilliance will we see in 2017?

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