SmackDown Women’s Champion Bayley def. Tamina

ORLANDO, Fla. – Thanks to Sasha Banks, Bayley has the blueprint for a lengthy SmackDown Women’s Championship reign, as The Legit Boss proved instrumental in Bayley’s successful title defense against Tamina at WWE Money in the Bank.

The self-proclaimed Role Model chose to poke the bear immediately, smacking Tamina in the face and shoving her while talking trash. The bluster quickly disappeared when Tamina asserted her physical dominance, at least until Bayley smashed her foe’s leg around the ring post. The champion continued her targeted assault, locking in a vicious knee bar after countering a superkick.

Bayley’s bravado later returned. Her splashing of Tamina in the face with a bottle of water seemed to awaken the aggression inside the challenger, who launched Bayley over the commentary table.

A superkick and Samoan Drop seemed to spell the end for Bayley’s reign, but Banks slid in before Tamina could cover. The Legit Boss drew the dangerous Samoan’s attention long enough for Bayley to recover and surprise Tamina with a roll-up pin.