Shinsuke Nakamura Gets Emotional After Losing NXT Title (Video)

Following his loss to Samoa Joe at NXT TakeOver: Toronto, Shinsuke Nakamura didn’t seem to be in the best mood backstage.

Shinsuke Nakamura walked into NXT TakeOver: Toronto as the NXT champion and perceived favorite in his match with Samoa Joe. The two would rematch after having a big title change in their first bout at TakeOver: Brooklyn II. This saw Nakamura win, and get a celebration with the Barclays Center fans.

From there, the King of Strong Style and former ROH star would go into a feud for the latter’s promised rematch. They eventually had something set up for TakeOver: Toronto, which took place on Saturday evening.

However, in possibly the surprise of the evening, Joe beat Nakamura to become the first-ever two-time NXT champion. The same slam on the steel steps, that put the former NJPW star out of action for a handful of weeks, played a part in the finish. The Muscle Buster followed this up, and we would have a new champion.

Well, afterward, Nakamura was having nothing of this backstage. WWE posted video of his emotional reaction to the evening’s events below.

Nakamura’s disappointment and loss will likely lead him to a rematch with Joe. When that may be remains to be seen, but there is a taping on November 30, so we may find out then. This is the last NXT recording for 2016 before returning in January to build the TakeOver during Royal Rumble weekend.

With this loss, though, the call-up talk will probably be speculated for Nakamura. He’s considered a top talent in NXT and has shown his strong connection with the audience could transfer from Japan to the NXT fans. The main roster would be another story, but that has yet to be tested.

Despite what happened at TakeOver: Toronto, Shinsuke Nakamura’s future remains bright. Whatever he does next will be worth watching for.

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