Seth Rollins jumps from the top of the cage on WWE RAW (Video)

Seth Rollins was turning everyone’s heads once again on RAW, this time leaping from the cage

It seems like every once in a while, we’re reminded why Seth Rollins is one of the best performers that WWE has on the roster right now. Monday night, we were all reminded once again why this man is indeed the best of the best.

The main event of the evening saw Roman Reigns taking on WWE Universal Champion Kevin Owens, a match that was shockingly won by the man who is not the champion of the brand at the moment. Reigns scaled the cage and hit the floor, while Owens could not get out the door in time.

Well, after the match, Reigns’ opponent for Clash of Champions on Sunday, United States Champion Rusev, came out and beat down the “Big Dog.” From there, he threw Reigns into the cage, where he locked the door and he and Owens started the beatdown. We knew that a save was coming, but we didn’t know what was gonna happen next.

Of course, it was Rollins who came out to make the save, as he’ll be the one taking on Owens Sunday night for the top title. With the door chained, the only way he could get in was to climb it and, well — just dive right off!

Having just come back from a severe knee injury that kept him out of action for a while, that was a pretty scary moment. But after you realized that the former champion was all right — THAT WAS AWESOME!

Rollins really is one of the best performers that this company has right now, and it’s never not fun to watch him prove it over and over again when he can.

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