Roman Reigns def. King Corbin (Steel Cage Match)

RIYADH, SAUDI ARABIA — Months of psychological warfare, humiliation and brawls finally came to a head in brutal fashion when Roman Reigns and Baron Corbin were locked inside a steel cage at Super ShowDown, and The Big Dog came out on top.

Reigns, well-versed with Corbin’s tactics by now, came fully prepared with a chain draped around his neck, using it to ensure the cage door’s closure. But Corbin still found a way to take immediate control, attacking Reigns while he was occupied with setting the chain in place.

“SmackDown’s Royal Highness” was the first to make use of the unforgiving environment, sending Reigns careening into the steel and grinding his face against the chain links before trying to make a quick exit. The Big Dog deployed a very different approach, looking to take his time punishing Corbin after weeks of degradation and denigration.

The always resourceful Corbin prevented a Reigns escape by grabbing hold of his vest and pulling him back inside the cage, but it backfired on the King when Reigns racked him on the top rope, leaving him in perfect position for two consecutive Superman Punches.

With the same chain he brought to the ring now wrapped around his fist, The Big Dog dropped Corbin for the three-count with the most devastating Superman Punch of all, perhaps putting an end to their ultra-personal issue for good.