Rob Van Dam Says WWE Wanted Heel Turn, Alignment with Paul Heyman

Rob Van Dam recently sat with Sports Illustrated to talk about various topics including a future WWE return.

Rob Van Dam is one of the most beloved wrestlers who is not in the WWE anymore. The former WWE champion has always been a fan favorite. Despite not wrestling as much as he used to, RVD still makes sure he is active on social media.

Van Dam recently sat with Sports Illustrated to discuss his WWE and ECW careers and much more. One of the most interesting revelations from the interview was that he was asked to turn heel during his last run with the WWE. They also wanted him to be a Paul Heyman guy. However, RVD straightaway turned down the idea.

“The office wanted to put me with Paul and turn me heel,” explained Van Dam. “But I already have one foot out the door in wrestling, so why change to a heel when I’m on my way out? I’ve been so willing to stay strong and stick to my guns for so long when it comes to my beliefs. I’m a symbol to people for a lot of different things, and changing me to a heel, at the last minute, could change that.”

He would also talk about the possibility of a return to WWE. Every now and then, rumors pop up around the internet that RVD is returning to the WWE. A lot of people expect the 45-year-old to return to the WWE sometime soon. He is still in pretty good shape. There is no reason to believe Van Dam wouldn’t come back for one last Van Terminator.

“I have an open door with WWE as far as wrestling goes,” said Van Dam. “I also have an ongoing merchandise relationship and I hope that the right opportunity presents itself so that I will do another run with WWE. For me, the fans missing me and wanting to see me on TV is very important, but the business end of it also has to be right.

Van Dam also talks about his relationship with Sabu as well as his budding acting career. He has remained to be open about his opinion on medical marijuana. RVD would go on to comment on the issue as well.

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