Rob Gronkowski throws drink in WWE star’s face on SmackDown

WWE’s SmackDown Live was in Boston Tuesday night, and New England Patriots star Rob Gronkowski made another appearance at a WWE event to continue his simmering feud with new SmackDown arrival Jinder Mahal.

Gronkowski was a surprise participant at WrestleMania 33, where he was in attendance to watch his close friend Mojo Rawley in the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal. During the match, Gronkowski was confronted by Mahal at ringside. After Mahal threw Gronkowski’s own drink at him, Gronk went over the railing and entered the ring, where he delivered a brutal hit on Mahal.

On Tuesday night, Mahal had a one-on-one match with Rawley, but he took the opportunity to stare down Gronkowski near the announce table. Gronk grabbed a drink from behind the railing and drenched Mahal, who went on to lose his match.