Report: Randy Orton Has Altercation with Fan at Gym

Randy Orton reportedly had an incident at a gym with a fan trying to take a picture with him.

WWE star Randy Orton reportedly was involved in an altercation at a gym before Monday night’s live event, according to NEA Report. Anthony Martin, a local business professional and wrestling fan, went with his friends to The Trim Gym in Jonesboro, AR. There they spotted Orton working out, which led to Martin approaching and asking him for a picture.

In response, Orton would give Martin a fist bump and said, “Sorry. I can’t hear you.” He did this while pointing to the headphones in his ear.

Afterward, Martin would go across the room and take a photo of Orton, which he would notice. This led to the Viper approaching Martin angrily, grabbing his hand. He said, “What the f–k are you doing? I said no –ddamn pictures! Are you f–king stupid?” Martin then said, “No. You said you couldn’t hear me.” Martin then said he would delete the photo, to which Orton said to do it, until he changed his mind.

To close the piece, Martin said, “I am not his fan. Matter of fact I never liked him.”

It’s not a great look for Orton, especially if he never said the fan couldn’t take the photo. The same goes for grabbing Martin’s hand.

On the other hand, taking a photo of a celebrity like this isn’t the best thing either. Even if Orton didn’t say anything, is it still an invasion of privacy to take a picture of him?

Overall, it’s not the ideal interaction for a fan, Martin, and a WWE talent, Randy Orton. It’s one that may blow over soon, but will still be noted for the way the matter was handled.

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