Randy Orton RKO’d Brock Lesnar onto a chair in untelevised match

Brock Lesnar busted open Randy Orton in the main event of SummerSlam and won by TKO in a match that didn’t exactly receive glowing reviews from fans and critics alike, but the two stars had an untelevised rematch Saturday night in Chicago. 

 WWE shared some footage of the match on YouTube Sunday, and it had an incredible start. Lesnar made his entrance to the ring, and his advocate Paul Heyman announced that they wanted the bout to be a no disqualification match. Orton then snuck to the ring with a chair and hit Lesnar with a chair shot to the back, then reversed an F-5 into an RKO on the chair.

Lesnar eventually won the match with an F-5, then after the bell delivered a few brutal German suplexes to Orton.