Pro wrestler Joey Ryan proposes to girlfriend during intergender match

Joey Ryan keeps finding ways to go viral.

The independent circuit wrestler was in a match with Danshoku Dino in Japan last year when he found an unusual — to say the least — part of his body to topple his opponent in a test of strength.

(The video has some NSFW-ish elements)

This weekend in San Diego he brought a foreign object with him for his Intergender match with Laura James.

So what did Ryan bring into the ring? An engagement ring.

In the middle of their match, watch as a microphone is slipped to Ryan in his corner, and he reaches under a towel.

Ryan gets down on a knee and proposes to James. 

And in a move fitting of a tribute to Daniel Bryan, she said, of course, "Yes!" This isn’t a storyline, in case anyone was wondering.

Check it out (the crowd offers a chant that isn’t quite PC):