NXT TakeOver: Toronto Results: The Revival vs. Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa Video Highlights

With the NXT Tag Team titles on the line, can Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa finally defeat The Rival in a 2 out of 3 falls match at NXT Takeover: Toronto?

Everyone knew we would be in for a great show the moment this match was announced for NXT Takeover: Toronto. The last time these two teams faced off, they tore the house down. Their match on Saturday night was no different.

Both teams entered the match with incredible energy. Gargano and Scott Dawson traded blows early on but after tagging in Ciampa, DIY took control of the match.

After Gargano was tagged back in, a scramble occurred on the outside that left Ciampa incapacitated. Then The Rival got the first fall of the match after Gargano tried to hit a slingshot spear but was countered into The Revival’s signature Shatter Machine for the pin.

After the first pin, The Revival continued to wear down Gargano in their corner. Dawson attacked Gargano’s midsection with punches and elbows.

Moments later, Gargano was able to catch a break after he fought off both members. He tried to tag in Ciampa but the referee did not see it. Afterwards, The Revival continued to beat Gargano down.

With Gargano down, The Revival worked together and hit him with the Heart Attack. Even after all the assault from The Revival, Gargano still managed to kick out at two to keep the match going.

After finding some space, Gargano was finally able to tag in Ciampa, who quickly wore down Dawson and hit him with a leg lariat.

Moments later, Ciampa hit the tag team champ with three straight german suplexes. After Wilder tried to come into the ring, the referee stopped him. With the referee distracted, Ciampa and Gargano hit Dawson with two knees to secure the pin and tie up the match.

With the match tied, Ciampa and Wilder exchanged blows, until Ciampa won the exchange. After Gargano was tagged in, The Revival, attacked him and nearly secured the second fall, but Ciampa came in and broke the pin.

The Revival pulled Gargano into their corner, but Gargano fought back. Then Wilder went outside of the ring and brought in one of the tag team titles. With the referee distracted, Wilder tossed the title to Dawson and he used it to counter a kick from Gargano.

After kicking the title, Gargano looked like he injured his right leg. Dawson then put Gargano in a leg submission hold, but Gargano worked his way to the rope to force the break.

Moments later, the two teams scrambled for control of the match. Then Wilder tackled Gargano’s injured leg and swept him off his feet.

Wilder and Gargano continued to scramble until Gargano countered and forced him into a submission move. Dawson tried to run in to save his teammate, but Ciampa stopped him and also put him into a submission hold.

With both members of The Revival put into submission moves, right in the center of the ring, there was no way out. Gargano and Ciampa forced the double submission to become the new NXT tag team champions.

After such a great match, we can only hope that we will see another match this good the next time these two teams face off.

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