NJPW Wrestle Kingdom 11: Cody Rhodes Makes His Debut (Video)

Former WWE Superstar Cody Rhodes made his New Japan Pro Wrestling debut on Wednesday at Wrestle Kingdom 11.

“The American Nightmare” Cody Rhodes made his NJPW debut today, facing Juice Robinson on the most important card of the year for Japan’s biggest wrestling promotion. Off the back of a fantastic promo announcing his impending arrival a few weeks ago, Cody came into the company as part of The Bullet Club and made a big impression on his first night in.

Working the match as the ultra heel that you would expect given his Bullet Club status, Cody worked through his old WWE repertoire. At the same time taking every opportunity to get under the skin of the fans and the English commentary duo of Steve Corino and Kevin Kelly. At the start of the match Corino was talking up Cody as the best ever member of the Rhodes family, but his actions throughout only aided to tarnish that legacy in front of the 40,000 plus fans in attendance at the Tokyo Dome.

After seeing Juice Robinson match Cody in the early going, Cody took advantage of Robinson tweaking his knee and eventually won the match after some stiff shots to that knee throughout. Following the match, Cody made his way through the crowd after admonishing Corino and Kelly at ringside.

Cody has traveled the world since leaving WWE. He has performed for dozens of promotions, but this may finally be the time for him to make his biggest statement since leaving WWE. As part of Bullet Club, he can become a big star in Japan, using the (cool) heel stable as the perfect platform to greatness in a promotion where both his father Dusty and brother Dustin have found some fame in the past.

Where Cody goes from here in New Japan is yet to be seen, you could probably expect to see him in some form of action at the New Year Dash event held tomorrow.

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