Natalya def. Lacey Evans (Kickoff Match)

SACRAMENTO — Lacey Evans thought she had left Natalya in the dust after her victory against The Queen of Harts this past Monday on Raw. She may have thought too soon. Following the last-minute announcement of a rematch on Hell in a Cell Kickoff, The Queen of Harts scored yet another victory over Evans to once again even their series at two apiece.

To say Evans wasn’t thrilled would be an understatement. The Sassy Southern Belle strolled into Sacramento with the air of someone who had already heard the winning bell in her head, and even an early burst from Natalya did nothing to dim her bravado. Evans was clearly out to both defeat and humiliate Natalya, but The Queen of Harts’ comparatively cool demeanor had the unexpected effect of loosening her up. Even when Evans gained the advantage, it never felt like Natalya was far from regaining control.

Evans seemingly turned the tide by landing some cheap shots outside the ring, an underhanded tactic that finally took the wind out of Natalya’s sails and set up The Queen of Harts for Evans’ version of the Sharpshooter — a move that she pointedly refused to employ on Monday. Natalya answered with a slap to the face that motivated Evans to go big or go home.

Unfortunately for Evans, her hip-switch moonsault off the top turnbuckle connected with nothing but canvas, and Natalya capitalized with a Sharpshooter to secure the victory via a near-immediate tapout. And lest you think The Queen of Harts was above a little turnabout, she decked Evans with her own version of the Woman’s Right after the bell. So, tiebreaker? Again?