Mick Foley thinks The Rock ‘has the potential to unite this country’


Mick Foley was part of “The Rock and Sock Connection,” one of the more charming combinations in WWE history. So, it comes as no surprise that the WWE Hall of Famer is in his former partner’s corner when it comes to a possible run for president.

Foley spoke to TMZ and said he thinks Dwayne Johnson would make a strong candidate for POTUS.

The conversation evolved from a GQ interview where Johnson suggested he would consider running for president.

Foley thinks The Rock “cuts across party lines and people are color blind when it comes to The Rock. They don’t see color, they see an amazing individual.”

And the Hardcore legend loves the thought of a WWE Hall of Famer, President Trump, debating a future WWE Hall of Famer, The Rock.

That opens the question about whether a candidate Dwayne Johnson would reach out to his former foil, Foley, to reform “The Rock and Sock Connection” as a political ticket.