Mick Foley Calls for ‘White American Males’ to Not Vote for Donald Trump

Mick Foley very much does not want people voting for Donald Trump on Election Day.

Mick Foley has become a bit controversial in his social media activities. It started with giving away that Sasha Banks and Charlotte would main event Hell in a Cell, only to retract his statement hours later. He then got outed by a fan for saying in a private message that Summer Rae couldn’t stand in the ring with the best of Raw’s women’s division.

Aside from this, Foley has been a bit over the top on TV as well. This has included him being very vocal, sometimes painfully, in segments as the Raw General Manager.

Well, The Hardcore Legend has taken to Facebook for another post that will turn some heads. He posted a lengthy blog on why America should not vote for Donald Trump on Election Day. More specifically, he called for “white American males” to not go for the WWE Hall of Famer.

He said, “But I hope you will take my words seriously as I kindly ask my fellow white males in the United States not to do what I think you’re thinking about doing. Please, white American males (and I’m not talking about Bagwell and Riggs here) don’t cast that vote for Donald Trump tomorrow…”

He continued with, “In order to be able to look at myself in the mirror on November 9th when we all wake up to a new President-elect, I have to know that I tried to do SOMETHING, to prevent this particular WWE Hall of Famer from attaining the highest office in the land.”

Foley would close with this, “What absolutely terrifies me about the potential of a Trump presidency is that Trump, as a leader, is the antithesis of Abraham Lincoln. Lincoln believed in the better angels of our nature. Trump instead seems to encourage the very worst in human nature, welcomes it under the guise of greatness and lets it know it has a home in Donald Trump’s America.”

Mick Foley’s opinions are strong here, one that will either have the support of people or rub them the wrong way. We’ll see by Tuesday evening if he’ll get his wish.

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