Matt Hardy Invites WWE’s New Day to His Compound

Matt Hardy just broke all the rules of kayfabe as he openly challenged Raw tag team champions via Twitter.

According to WrestlingNews.Co, TNA will record an entire episode of Impact Wrestling at Matt Hardy’s compound. This will begin filming in a few weeks, and is scheduled to air sometime in December. The report also notes that Shane Helms, Trevor Lee, and Andrew Everett have already agreed to appear at the show.

Hardy took things one step further by going outside the realms of Kayfabe. He posted a tweet challenging the WWE Raw tag team champions, The New Day. The former TNA World Champion wants New Day to show up at his compound as part of the “Total Nonstop Deletion” episode. He posted the following tweet later in the day.

Hardy has promised to appear on the WWE in return, if the New Day is allowed to make an appearance. This sounds really intriguing considering Hardy was the center point of many rumors last month. Raw tag team champions were not the only ones to get an invite to the Hardy compound, though. The Young Bucks too are among the list of invitees.

New Day has yet to respond to the invite.

Matt Hardy has recently really amped up his game after taking an insane broken gimmick. He continues to come up with innovative ways, promos and mannerisms to elevate his character. This latest shtick seems to be another innovative approach by Hardy as he sort of breaks the fourth wall in professional wrestling.

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