Jordan Devlin def. Angel Garza, Isaiah “Swerve” Scott and Travis Banks to become the new NXT Cruiserweight Champion (Fatal 4-Way Match)

The NXT Cruiserweight Championship had quite the night, getting a new look, a new holder and potentially a new home, as NXT UK’s Jordan Devlin relieved NXT’s Angel Garza of the title in a Fatal 4-Way that also included NXT’s Isaiah “Swerve” Scott and UK’s Travis Banks.

To say this one was a thriller is an understatement: Someone was airborne roughly 75% of the time, Banks was kicking someone in the face every other minute and “Swerve” was doing “Swerve” things. Everyone was in such top form that Garza, battling through a banged-up shoulder, barely even got going until the back end of the match. (Never one to drag things out, the champ took matters into his own hands and ripped off his tearaway pants right away.)

Nonetheless, Garza seemed as though he was going to outlast the field, executing a Wing Clipper on “Swerve” after Banks — who more or less made his name off this match — was taken out of the running. But The Irish Ace stole one, dropping Garza with a headbutt and landing a textbook Devlin Side Suplex on “Swerve” to earn the title. Whether Devlin’s win means the title is headed across the pond remains to be seen. Either way, taking it off of him is shaping up to be quite the challenge.