Is the WWE Raw General Manager Job About to Open?

Mick Foley may have just teased that the WWE Raw General Manager job is about to open soon.

Since the middle of July, Mick Foley has held the position of WWE Raw General Manager on TV. It returned him to a kayfabe executive role for the first time since 2003 as a co-general manager with Eric Bischoff.

Most things come to an end in WWE, though, meaning Foley will eventually be removed from his TV position for someone else. Unless you are the Authority, WWE managerial positions usually have not lasted longer than 6-8 months.

On Tuesday night, the Hardcore Legend indicated that his time as Raw GM could come to an end sooner than later. He said so in an exchange with Rusev’s manager Lana, who praised SmackDown and asked Foley to make her the Associate GM to “help make Raw better.”

This may have only something said in a joking matter, but Foley could be leaving soon for hip replacement surgery that he is unable to afford out of pocket. However, he also said the following from his recent Facebook message (h/t

I should be back for almost every episode until that moment comes when/if the company decides to go in a different direction. If they do, I will simply be grateful for every single day I had a chance to go out and try to make a difference.

So, if it is not the pain that Foley is going through, then it will take a new creative direction from WWE. The most recent episode of Raw did have a “performance evaluation” for him by needing to have the Undertaker to show up, which he did.

We are headed into the part of the year for WWE where things tend to freshen up, though. This includes new angles heading into WrestleMania and on the post-shows, especially the night after on Raw or SmackDown. If WWE decides to change the Raw General Manager, could this be when Mick Foley is removed from TV?

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