Is Seth Rollins Getting New WWE Theme Music? (Audio)

Seth Rollins may be close to getting a new WWE entrance if this audio preview is any indication.

About five months ago, we noted how it seemed like Seth Rollins would be getting new WWE entrance music. However, this wouldn’t come to fruition as the band, Downstait had been just testing out a remixed version of Rollins’ current theme.

Well, it seems that all these months later, the Architect is about to get a new entrance music from Downstait. The band posted on their official Facebook account a 15-second preview of what this will potentially sound like:

The sound of, “redesign, rebuild, reclaim” rings heavily in this short clip. It’s a play on the three-word motto that Rollins began using when he returned to WWE in May after missing six months with a knee injury. He continues to use this slogan on merchandise and his titantron during his entrance.

Since becoming a singles star in June 2014, Rollins has used an instrumental track that’s full of heavy guitar playing, drums, and the constant use of the symbol. It has been slightly adjusted over time, but never as much as the potential music that he’s going to receive. There does seem to be some similar sounds when comparing the old and new songs, though.

Rollins would also be the first member of the Shield to receive vocals and a more detailed theme since they broke up nearly three years ago. Dean Ambrose has kept the same song since then, and Roman Reigns still uses a sound very similar to the original Shield song.

Could this music debut on Monday’s episode of WWE Raw? We’ll have to wait and see. This would also be an opportunity to hear the full track given the above clip is only an abbreviated version. Does it sound good to you so far?

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