Is Kevin Owens the Right Choice for WWE Universal Champion?

Kevin Owens won the WWE Universal Championship on Raw, is he the right choice?

Kevin Owens is the new WWE Universal Champion. He won one of the best main events in the history of Raw defeating Seth Rollins, Big Cass, & Roman Reigns in a Fatal Four-Way Elimination match.  The end of Raw was shocking as Triple H helped Owens defeat Seth Rollins for the final elimination.  The ending was perfect, however, is KO the right choice to be Universal Champion?

I previously argued that Seth Rollins was the best choice to become Universal Champion.  He, as the top heel in the company, could have established the championship and elevated new faces on the Raw brand.  However, the surprise return of Triple H changed everything.

Owens has been the anti-hero type heel for the past few months.  Despite doing heelish things he was still getting cheers along with the boos.  He was destined for a full face turn eventually, however, and could have been done over time.  On Raw, though, Triple H’s involvement accelerated that potential face turn as the crowd went nuts over his victory.

The Game’s presence also adds some intriguing questions.  First, why is he supporting Kevin over his previous protege Rollins?  Secondly, what does Triple H’s return mean for Raw’s power structure?  A conflict between Triple H, and Raw’s GM and Commissioner could set up some interesting matchups for the new champion.  Finally, will Owens remain a loner or does he get teamed up with Triple H?  For the moment, The Cerebral Assassin’s involvement has been a positive for Owens and hasn’t taken away any heat.  Regardless, the former NXT Champion should remain in the anti-hero role.

Kevin Owens as an anti-hero face is the perfect option to carry the Universal Championship.  The New Era of WWE needs a different type of face to lead the brand, and Owens is that character.  He is one of the few in WWE has that is almost completely unique.

While there are a few similarities between him and Stone Cold Steve Austin, Owens is nowhere near a carbon copy. He is a modern anti-hero that looks out only for himself, but fans seem to love him for it.  Stone Cold was that way as well, but that’s where the similarities end other than they are both excellent on the mic.

Finally, Kevin Owens is one of the best on the mic in WWE.  This makes him a perfect choice to be the Universal Champion.  Out of all of the “New Era” superstars, Owens has a complete package of superb in-ring skills and excellent mic work.  He is one of the few that makes you believe what he is saying is from the heart and not from a script, and his promos are believable and make you suspend disbelief.  Adding Triple H to the mix will only make this better.  Hopefully, KO has a long run with the championship and can become Raw’s top face.

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