How Roman Reigns Could Lose the WWE United States Championship

Roman Reigns’ days with the WWE United States Championship should be numbered with his spot in the Roadblock main event.

Roman Reigns has revived his main event career by heading into the WWE Roadblock: End of the Line headliner. He’ll challenge Kevin Owens for the Universal Championship. It’s Reigns’ first pay-per-view main event since WWE Battleground, which saw him return from a 30-day suspension to lose to Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins. It marked his ninth consecutive spot in a live special’s final match.

There’s a difference with the Big Dog in the Roadblock main event, though—he’s holding the United States Championship. As of the November 28 episode of Raw, he won’t be defending the belt against Owens. The description of this match made it all too telling that Reigns is going to walk out with a championship no matter what the result is.

Following the announcement, Reigns sent this tweet out about how the United States Title still “sits on my shoulders” and is “ready for the Universal Title on the other”.

Is it a foregone conclusion that Roman Reigns walks into Roadblock with the U.S. Title, though?

Back in February, Dean Ambrose got placed into the WWE Fastlane main event to determine the new No. 1 Contender to Triple H’s WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Ambrose seemingly would go into the show as Intercontinental champion, which he had been for a few months. However, just six days before the show, WWE took the belt off of him in a fatal five-way main event. This freed Ambrose up for the main event and eventual feud with Brock Lesnar for WrestleMania 32.

The story with Reigns may not fully be like this, but there’s time for it to develop into a mini-storyline that mirrors what happened with Ambrose.

There are still two episodes of Raw left before Roadblock, which should allow the rest of this build to play out. It’s an opportunity for the United States Championship to be mentioned, something that has been hardly done for the past month. The belt has looked like more of a prop than anything since Reigns beat Rusev at Hell in a Cell. So, if WWE isn’t going to make their Future Face That Runs the Place defend the belt, then it’s time for him to drop it.

Owens could appear on one of the next two episodes of Raw and mock Reigns for not being a fighting champion. His points would be somewhat valid since the belt wouldn’t have been defended for over a month by the time the next show happens. Goading the former Shield man to put the belt on the line shouldn’t need to be done since he’s supposed to be a strong babyface character, so the challenge may be quickly accepted. However, the Universal champion wouldn’t be going for the belt. Instead, he’d bring out a “friend” from NXT.

Samoa Joe, who is set to defend the NXT Championship against Shinsuke Nakamura on December 3, in Osaka, Japan, would enter the arena. He would have just lost the belt and be out for revenge to take out anyone in his way. The United States Championship could be prey for Joe, and with Owens at ringside, he would challenge Reigns for the belt in his debut.

After a 10-minute match or so, Owens would interfere by potentially gouging the eyes or kicking Reigns in the face, with the referee not looking, to help Joe. He would then set up for and hit the Muscle Buster to get the win and become the new United States champion.

With one match, we would have a new Superstar debuting and winning a belt. It helps move the title away from Reigns, who would be putting it in the background with the Roadblock match against Owens. The belt is then freed up for Joe to defend at the PPV, potentially crushing whoever is in his way to look even more dominant, after having beaten Reigns.

While WWE may not take the U.S. Championship off Roman Reigns, there should at least be some consideration. Leaving it on him for Roadblock would push his quiet run to nearly two months, which doesn’t make sense for what should be the secondary men’s belt on Raw.

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