Finn Balor opens up on his relationship with his parents in touching WWE video

WWE shared the first video in what should be a revealing new series called “My Son/Daughter is a WWE Superstar” on YouTube Thursday, and the first entry focuses on the journey of injured WWE star Finn Balor, who is still recovering from the injuries he sustained at SummerSlam last August.

Balor wrestled for years in the UK and Europe under his real name, Fergal Devitt, and in New Japan Pro Wrestling as Prince Devitt, before finally arriving in NXT in 2014. Balor’s dad, Fintan Devitt, recalled telling astonished teachers that they fully supported Balor’s dream of becoming a professional wrestler at a young age.

“Regularly we got phone calls from the school, from he career guide or teachers who would take an interest in him and they’d say ‘Finn is telling us that he wants to be a wrestler.’ Saying ‘you better come down and talk to us, he’s not going to be a wrestler. You’re gonna have to talk to him, he’s gonna have to find a career.’

We’d go to the meetings with them and we’d say ‘no, no, he’s going to be a wrestler.’ And they’d be amazed.”

Balor thanked his parents for remaining by his side in the weeks following his devastating injury at SummerSlam, which has kept him out of action since August.

“My parents have supported me everywhere I’ve went. UK to Japan, NXT. From the smallest shows in Ireland in front of 15, 20 people. It wasn’t until the surgery, that’s when I really appreciated just how much I needed them there, because the first two, three weeks after the surgery – they were really tough. And I don’t think I would have got through it as well as I did without having them there by my side. I’m very grateful for that.”