Emotional James Ellsworth announces he has signed WWE contract

Perhaps the most unlikely rise to WWE superstardom in 2016 has been the story of James Ellsworth. And now the transition from enhancement talent to having a WWE contract is complete.

James Ellsworth annnounced, tearfully, that he has signed a WWE deal

He started out as a jobber, getting clobbered by Braun Strowman.

However, the wrestling universe soon took to the man known as No Chin Music.

Ellsworth wound up in a series of matches on SmackDown Live with champion A.J. Styles, scoring a pinfall in one with some help.

Ellsworth's first job will be to serve as the mascot for the SmackDown Live team Sunday at Survivor Series in Toronto.

That said, some people still have not caught on to the Ellsworth phenomenon.

Another white-hot talent, who is having some challenges, is one.