Congressman asks Linda McMahon a question about John Cena’s proposal

John Cena and Nikki Bella delivered a iconic WrestleMania moment Sunday that will be forever remembered alongside Hulk Hogan slamming Andre The Giant and The Undertaker’s streak being broken, and Cena’s proposal to Nikki Bella even made waves in Congress.

McMahon, recently appointed the head of the Small Business Administration by President Donald Trump, testified before the House Small Business Committee Wednesday in Washington D.C., and Iowa Congressman Rod Blum surprised the former WWE CEO with a question about Cena.

“I want to address the 800 pound gorilla in the room that no one has asked you so far, but I will, and some of my constituents want to know this is well, Administrator McMahon. Why did it take John Cena so long to propose marriage to Nikki Bella? And remember you’re under oath.”

McMahon told Blum that he’d have to ask Cena himself. He should have known he had no chance.